Aftermarket Mirrors Because looking behind never looked so good

By Glenn Zetterquist (Zee331)

Aftermarket Mirrors – Because Looking Behind Never Looked so Good

Stock motorcycle mirrors are usually drab, standard issue components the manufacture has to install to get the bike off the assembly line. Unless you purchased a high-end luxury edition cruiser the mirrors are ripe for upgrading. Even if you purchased a high–end cruiser there are styles you’ll want to take a gander at.

Now before you jump the gun and say, “Well, aftermarket mirrors are not built to see through!” Not true. In fact, some aftermarket mirrors improve overall visibility and road safety. The Kuryakyn Ellipse Mirrors with Convex Glass are made to provide a wider field of view over flat mirrors, and help to reduce critical blind spots.

Shown: Kuryakyn Ellipse Mirrors with Convex Glass

The Rivco Universal LED mirrors and Bikemaster LED turn signal mirrors have built-in turn signal indicators, that when wired in with your turn signal system will flash when the rest of your signals flash, giving the driver ahead of you more ways of becoming aware of your presence.Kuryakyn also makes a lighted turn signal mirror with convex glass, giving you the best of both enhancements.

Rivco Universal LED Mirrors

So function is not your concern with mirrors. You want something sleek, aggressive, eye-catching. We got you covered.  Arlen Ness and Kuryakyn offers a wide selection of mirrors designed to turn heads. One of our favorites is the Kuryakyn Skeleton Hand Mirror. A sure-fire way to scare the kiddies on Halloween or to give your bike that haunted look.

Time and time again we’re always asked, “What about the Arlen Ness Rad teardrop mirrors?” Fact of the matter is, the Rad mirrors are about style, not function, so don’t expect to see much through the glass. And when you factor in highway vibration the visibility becomes even less. That’s not to say the Rad mirrors are bad, quite the opposite. They give your handlebars the perfect subtle yet aggressive style.  You can take the aggressive style one notch further by going with the teardrop with flame stem! Alternatively, the flamed micro mirror features quite possibly the best roaring flames depiction we’ve seen come from a set of mirrors.

Adam (joker719) left a glowing, yet honest review of the Arlen Ness Flamed Micro Mirrors: “Excellent looking mirrors with excellent finish. Took awhile to adjust and can't see much out of them but I expected that from the other reviews. Also when riding I have to coast in order to actually get a clear view of what's behind me, they vibrate way too much when I'm giving it gas. I constantly get compliments on them and they match the whole "flame" theme of my bike perfectly. If you're willing to sacrifice a little bit of rear-view for a custom look, these mirrors are for you.

There are many other mirrors and styles on the market. Another great look is the Kuryakyn Scythe mirror that features a Rambo knife shaped mirror head which adds to a sleek, streamlines profile topped by a swivel for easy adjustment. Style and function combined into a great set.
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