Auxiliary Lighting - Part 3 of 3 Part Series on Lighting

By Glenn Zetterquist (Zee331)

This Week’s Tip of The Week is the third part of our three part series on motorcycle lighting. The first part focused on front end lighting. The second part focused on rear end lighting and this week will focus on auxiliary lighting. Auxiliary is somewhat of a vague term. What we mean by auxiliary lighting is lighting that is not required by law and not essential for your safety. Auxiliary lighting is fun lighting that will improve your visibility by other motorist, but its primary function is to improve the looks of your motorcycle by adding custom accents that make your motorcycle standout in a crowd.

Auxiliary lighting is a great way to highlight certain parts of your motorcycle. Chrome and polished metals appear even brighter with the addition of lighting and using colored light adds a fantastic radiant effect especially at night. There is a broad range of available auxiliary lighting. Let’s take a look at some of what is out there.

Motorcycle Marker Lights

Marker Lights, especially bullet style marker lights are a popular addition for most cruiser style motorcycles. Market lights are a basic addition that can be used as running lights or additional turn signals and/ or additional brake lights. Lens or bulb color choices are usually amber, red or clear and some are available in blue. Most marker lights are either post mount or clamp mounted just like turn signals to make it easy to attach them to fender struts, turn signal brackets, fork tubes or highway bars.

Several companies like Kuryakyn offer bike model specific marker light kits that allow you to strategically place additional LED accent lighting pretty much throughout the entire motorcycle. Some even replace existing reflectors with LED lights. The Honda Goldwing and Harley Davidson Touring models are two of the most popular models among manufactures of bike model specific lighting. Everything from LED lighted saddlebag accents, trunk accents and trims, front and rear fender tips, reflector to LED conversion kits, lighted passenger armrest trims and various lighting kits that fit into air vents, engine cowls, mirrors, wheels and every other crack and crevice possible to highlight body work, engine components and wheels with an array of LED colors is available.

Light Up Your Bike With LED Color Changing LED Strip Lighting

If one of these fully lit bikes happens to pass you in the night, it would be easy to mistake it for a UFO. When it comes to a crazy number of lighting options, Custom Dynamics, Street FX, Kuryakyn and Radiantz have that one covered. Between these brands you can light up every area of your bike that you can think of, and some that you might never have thought of.

The Custom Dynamics Magical Wizards are available as a Starter Kit that contains 4 LED Pod Lights that have 7 different pre-programmed color options that can be set to 3 different strobing patterns in 3 different speeds and there is a color morphing function that fades from one color to the next. The color morphing function can be used at the same time as the strobing function for a great visual effect. The Pods are nice because they are compact and can be placed in a lot of different locations on the bike.

Magical Wizards has a Standard Kit that contains 6 LED Light Pods and a Super Kit that contains 8 LED Pods with all of the same functions as the Starter Kit. There is a Magical Wizards Full Bike Kit that is designed especially for Harley Davidson motorcycles. This kit contains everything needed to fully light your engine, wheels and create  ground effects around your bike with six 15 LED Flexible Strips, 4 Color Changing LED Pod Lights and 4 Slimline LED Pod Lights each with 60 inches of insulated lead wiring so you can strategically place them anywhere on your bike that you want.  The Full Bike Kit comes with a key fob remote control that lets you control all function while off the bike as well.

Custom Dynamics Magic Flex LED Engine and Wheel Light Kits are available separately and make nice additions if you start with a Magical Wizards Starter Kit and decide you want to add additional lighting later on. The same goes with Custom Dynamics Stingerz.  Stingerz are available as wheel lighting pods and flexible strip lighting in various lengths with a varying number of LED lights depending on the length of the strip. These strips can be located almost anywhere that you choose to place them and are a great way to expand your LED accent lighting over time.

LED Strip lighting is extremely popular and Street FX is another leading manufacturer with their Electropod Series and Flex Lights. Radiantz Sidewinderz are also a popular choice, but they do not offer multi-color functions which limits you to a single color.

The Kuryakyn Seven Color Super Lizard Maximus Kit (KY-5021) is one of the easiest and cleanest kits to install. The kit includes everything that you need including Kuryakyn’s excellent and complete installation instructions; making it one of the best set-ups on the market and a favorite among the Cruiser Customizing staff. The kit has modes which include: single color steady illumination, single color flashing with variable rates, and a paint mode which lets you cycle through colors at variable rates. The kit does not come with a remote control, but Kuryakyn offers an accessory remote (KY-4799) and it is a great addition that makes it possible to control your lights and mess with people when your bike is parked.

The Kuryakyn Infinity Streamliner Kit (KY-8415) is an awesome addition for those bikes equipped with a Kuryakyn Hypercharger. This kit turns your air cleaner assembly into a vortex of LED lighting that is both trippy and magnificent at the same time. The Infinity Streamliner Kit contains the same seven color options and modes as the Super Lizard Maximus Kit and when you combine the two, you have a genuine UFO sighting just waiting to be reported.

LED lighting has grown into a huge category in recent years to become one of the top accessory add-ons among custom bike builders. It has become so big that we had to break it down into a three part series just to cover a portion of what is available. Learn more about auxiliary lighting by watching this week’s Tip of The Week with Kyle and Kelly and visit our web-site to see the massive selection of lighting that we have to offer. You can also check out Part 1 on Front End Lighting and Part 2 on Rear End Lighting on our website if you missed those segments. See better, be seen better and make your bike stand out in a crowd with accessory lighting for your motorcycle.

Custom Dynamics Magical Wizard Light Custom Dynamics Stinger Street FX Electropod
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