Kuryakyn ISO Grips Reduce Vibration and Numbness

By Glenn Zetterquist (Zee331)
Kuryakyn ISO Grips Reduce Vibration and Numbness

Kuryakyn ISO Grips are one of the best investments in riding comfort that you can make, allowing you to ride further in greater comfort. ISO is short for “isolation”. Kuryakyn ISO Grips help to isolate you from the vibration and the buzz that is often felt through the handlebars and grips. This reduces the numbing to your hands that happens as a result of holding onto the bars for extended periods.

BrakeAway Cruise ControlIf you’ve ridden for any length of time, then you have no doubt experienced the feeling of your hands going numb. Gripping can contribute to the feeling on numbness. but sometimes it is a result of the vibration and buzz which Kuryakyn ISO Grips are designed to reduce. The numbness is often greater on the right hand than the left hand because with the right hand you have to hold the throttle in a constant position (see also BrakeAway Cruise Control and Kuryakyn Throttle Boss) and cannot re-grip as often as you can with the left hand.

You can shake your right hand to get the blood flowing again in those brief moments of deceleration or at stop lights, or you can prevent the problem all together by putting a set of Kuryakyn ISO Grips on your motorcycle. Loss of feeling in your hands is not only uncomfortable, but it is dangerous as well, especially when it happens to your throttle and front brake hand.

Kuryakyn ISO-Flame GripsKuryakyn ISO Grips have a unique design with their soft rubber pads that are inlayed into beautiful chrome or black anodized grip housings. These raised rubber pads provide a soft non-slip surface that dampens vibration while providing excellent grip. The soft rubber pads are raised above the grip housing to allow air to flow between your hand and the grip. This raised feature also allows blood to flow to your hand thereby eliminating numbness.

Kuryakyn ISO Grips are available in a variety of heated and non-heated styles and there is one to fit just about every motorcycle. ISO Grips can be customized by adding as set of Accent Trim Rings or Bullet or Stiletto End Caps. You can add a set of Grip End Weight to further reduce vibration, or a Kewllock Grip End Helmet Lock. Kuryakyn also offers a Throttle Boss that can easily be attached to your Kuryakyn ISO Grips on either the right or left side, or both. The Throttle Boss is a small adjustable paddle that is positioned under the palm of your hand and allows you to relax your grip and still maintain a constant speed on the throttle side or a relaxed grip on the left side.

Add a set of Kuryakyn ISO Grips to your motorcycle and experience a difference that will allow you to ride longer, in greater comfort while eliminating the loss of feeling in your hands.