Kuryakyn Motorcycle Floorboard Installation

By Glenn Zetterquist (Zee331)

Video Transcription

Kelly and Kyle with cruiser customizing. Welcome to this week’s tip of the week. This week, we’re going to be talking about Kuryakyn floorboards.

Kuryakyn’s been a leader in floorboards and foot pegs for a really long time. Now, initially when they came out with all of their setups, they had standard adapters that looked like this. As you can see here, this adapter has a smooth edge. Now, they came out with the Harley-Davidson male mounts to begin with, and then created a metric adapter for just about every application. You simply remove this Harley mount and attach the metric adapter, and this peg will fit just about any motorcycle.

The setup that Kyle just talked about really put Kuryakyn on the map when it comes to foot pegs. Now the problem was, when they started creating floorboards, the floorboard, when you put pressure on it, would spin on its adapter, so something had to be done. After years of research and R&D, Kuryakyn came up with what they call the “splined adapter.” The splined adapter was the perfect solution in allowing floorboards to lock in a specific position.

As you can see here on this Iso floorboard, there’s a single location. Now, this caused a problem on lots of different motorcycles, so Kuryakyn went back to the drawing board. After some more R&D, Kuryakyn came up with adjustable floorboards. As you can see here, there are five different positions for the splined adapter to sit into. This allows this floorboard to work for both the driver and the passenger, and the adjustment is extremely simple. As you can see, there are five different positions. That’s what makes Kuryakyn floorboards so versatile. And the floorboard that Kelly is holding in her hand is called the “ribbed floorboard.” It’s a black powder coat and it’s one of the least expensive options. It allows you to have this versatility at a value price point. Now if you'd like a chrome edition, this here is the premium floorboard from Kuryakyn. It looks very similar to the ribbed version, but it’s beautifully chromed on the underside. This allows you to have a beautiful floorboard in the flipped-up position.

Kyle, all of the floorboards we’ve talked about so far look fairly similar, but what’s this? Kelly, this is called the “transformer floorboard” from Kuryakyn. Now, this is used solely on the rear of the motorcycle. This is a passenger peg only, and what this does is it allows the passenger to have their own hide-away peg. As you can see, this floorboard does have adjustability, and allows your passenger to have perfect comfort. Now that we've covered the different floorboards that Kuryakyn offers, let’s go ahead and put these premium boards on Delilah. I’ve got the floorboard, and I’ve got the adapter.

But first, we need to remove our cotter pin. What I’m doing here is straightening the ears of the cotter pin. With the ears straight, I'm going to grab the eyelet and pull the pin out. Removing the peg is simple: I’m going to hold the springs so I note its position, pull out the pin, and remove the peg. Before we attach the floorboard to the adapter, we need to align it for proper fitment. It looks like out upper front position is the proper fit.

Now it’s time to secure the adapter to the floorboard. Now we’re going to slide our spring from our original foot peg into our Kuryakyn adapter. Now, I slide my floorboard into place, replace my hole, replace our cotter pin.

Whether you’re looking for a little or for a lot, Kuryakyn floorboards have you covered. Thank you for watching this week’s Cruiser Customizing Tip of the Week. Until next week, take care and ride safe.