Lowering Kits & Lowering Your Bike

By Glenn Zetterquist (Zee331)

Baron Lowering KitsLet’s face it, lowered motorcycles look cool. They look sleeker, longer, faster and more streamlined. But there are also practical benefits to lowering your motorcycle beyond just the way it makes your bike look, and lowering your motorcycle is a lot easier than most riders think. You might think it would be a daunting task that requires cutting, welding or other major modifications to achieve, but lowering your motorcycle is easier and less time consuming than you think as you will see in this week’s Tip of The Week video.

Why Would You Want to Lower Your Motorcycle?

The practical benefits of lowering your bike are that it provides the rider with sure footing while stopped or while climbing on and off of the bike. For tall riders, this may not be a problem, but for riders with shorter legs and often times for women riders, the standard heights of many motorcycles can make it challenging and uncomfortable when the bike is not moving.

Lowering your motorcycle makes the bike more aerodynamic and reduces frontal wind drag as well as making the bike less prone to those annoying side gusts that can catch you by surprise and throw you off of your line. However, there is one drawback to a lowered motorcycle, and that is decreased ground clearance.

Aggressive riders who lean hard into corners may find that they are grinding their floorboard or other parts of the undercarriage more frequently. This can be compensated for by changing the way corners are approached by hanging off the inside of the bike a little more. This is a technique that most road racers use to keep the motorcycle slightly more upright while still maintaining the ability to take tight corners quickly and aggressively.

There are several ways to lower your motorcycle as Kyle and Chucky will explain in this week’s video, and none of the methods are very complicated and none require anything more than a method of lifting your wheels off of the ground and a set of common tools that you most likely have in your garage.

One area that Kyle and Chucky do not cover is front end lowering kits. Front end lowering kits are available for many bike models in addition to rear lowering kits. Lowering the front end as well as the back end is a common modification to help maintain the original steering head angle and to give the bike a more balanced look and ride.

Whether you want to lower your motorcycle to achieve a certain look, or to achieve better comfort and increased control of the bike, lowering your motorcycle has never been easier with the variety of methods available today. Be sure to watch this week’s video and contact us here at Cruiser Customizing to find out what types of lowering kit options may be available for your bike.



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