Memphis Shades Batwing Fairing

By Glenn Zetterquist (Zee331)

Memphis Shades Batwing Fairing : Your style, your fairing 

So you’ve decided to enter the aftermarket fairing market, congratulations! A full size motorcycle fairing can provide a range of benefits, like turning your front end into a mobile entertainment and communications center, provide ample protection from the elements as well as add a little extra storage space. In the past an endeavor like this could run you up to $4,000. But no more. Memphis Shades has changed the game.

Now, if you’re not familiar with Memphis Shades, they are known for their colorful mix-and-match style windshields and fork deflectors. You can have fun dressing up your bike with the multitude of options they provide, and their fairing category is no different.          Batwing Fairing
To start, you have the fairing body itself. A sleek, aerodynamic, bagger-inspired shell made of ABS plastic finished in a shining opaque black. Measuring 16 inches in height the base fairing is not incredibly large, however this plays into your favor. Memphis Shades offers four different mini windshield sizes that mount on top of the fairing, and come in the usual variety of colors like ruby, teal, purple, yellow, burnt orange, black and yellow. The additional windshield is not enough to keep the wind at bay? Try their side deflectors and experience the full force of the Batwing. 

Memphis Shades didn’t stop with fairing windshields and wind deflectors.

They simply wouldn’t be Memphis Shades if they did. Now it’s time to really customize your fairing by use of, spoilers, trims and pouches, and one very big thing but we’ll get to that in a minute. 

Batwing Fairing         
Memphis Shades offers six different fairing trims and three types of pouches. Made with a 420-denier nylon shell and Sherpa lining, the pouches are made to withstand the elements and retain their shape. The slotted slim trim adds an especially crisp, modern look to the fairing; it’s one of our favorite add-ons. While we’d like to have all these stupendous add-on’s installed together, space behind the fairing is limited and one company has made an incredible speaker system worth checking out.   
The Hogtunes speaker system is the premiere speaker system for the Memphis Shades Batwing. It includes a custom pod for phones, dual 4 ¼ speakers, a 50 watt amp, USB charge port audio perch with built-in volume control and all the wiring and instructions needed for a clean and easy install.  The best part about the speaker system is the sound. Yes, that’s an obvious statement, but these speakers roar.
A while back Hogtunes was generous enough to provide us with a unit for our Tip of the Week install video.Hogtunes Speaker System After the installation we took the motorcycle on the road and came back feeling very impressed with the sound quality at highway speeds. It’s one thing to make a sound system for a popular fairing; it’s another to make a system that rips your face off at max volume.
We have much more information to provide regarding the Batwing fairing and its customization options. Memphis Shades has mounting kits for all major cruisers, metric and Harley.Simply choose your model in our top navigation, select your bike model, and type “Batwing” in search.      
Enjoy the ride!