Motorcycle Cruise Control Buying Guide

By Glenn Zetterquist (Zee331)

Motorcycle Cruise Controls, also known as wrist rests, help to alleviate that burning, cramping sensation in your hand, wrist, or arm while riding down the road. There are a dozen or more cruise control options available and this buying guide will help you narrow your options down and choose your perfect the wrist relief device.

The term “cruise control” has been loosely used in the motorcycle industry for any accessory which provides wrist, hand or arm relief on the road. In essence, there are many products that are simply throttle locks and in some cases as simple as a throttle extensions, which ease rider discomfort. This guide will break “cruise controls” down into the following categories and then provide our “good / better / best” suggestions for the type of relief you are seeking.

Cruise Control Categories

Universal Wrist Rest Cruise Control Throttle Lock Electronic Cruise Control

Let’s begin with a simple definition for the categories above before we dig into their specific uses, features, and benefits.

Universal Wrist Rest:

This is a simple or minimalistic extension of the throttle allowing you to apply pressure to the grip with the palm of your hand while relaxing your hand, taking pressure off of your fingers, wrist, arm, and shoulder. The first to market and leader in this technology is CrampBuster. Another innovator in this segment was Kuryakyn with their Throttle Boss.

Throttle Lock:

This is any device which is attached to a fixed point of the handlebar, which locks your throttle or keeps it from rolling off when you remove your hand from the throttle grip. This technique is most commonly is done at the bar end or where the grip meets up with the control housing and front brake lever. Most of these are a positive lock and must be physically turned off in order to “release the throttle.”

Electronic Cruise Control:

These devices are the only true “cruise controls” available in the motorcycle industry and they actually set and function very similarly to the cruise controls found in most cars and trucks. With these units, the speed can be set with the push of a button and turned off by hitting either the clutch or the brakes. There is really only one true cruise control for motorcycles that actually regulates your speed, and it is called the MotorCycle Cruise or MCCruise.

It’s time for us to break down the


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Keep in mind, this this is our personal opinion based upon experiences we have had with cruise control installation projects, as well as “on-road testing” during numerous road trips, rides, and events. 

Motorcycle Universal Wrist Rest

Good: Grip mounted Kuryakyn Throttle Boss or the Big Bike Parts Comfort Wrist Cruis. Essentially these are the same components from two different manufactures. These get the “good” rating as they are stylish and bolt to the end of either an ISO grip or a Comfort Grip. They did not get a higher rating since they must be used with the aforementioned grips and they are a “set it and forget it” style which makes adjustment nearly impossible while riding down the road.

Better: Kuryakyn Wide Universal Throttle Boss is our better option and while not as handsome as the “good” suggestion, this is a truly universal accessory that can be used on nearly any twist grip throttle / grip application. 

Best: The original CrampBuster gets our “best” selection for this wrist rest category.

 This really was the original wrist rest option and was originally offered on only one format: 1 to 1-1/8 Narrow Paddle. The CrampBuster following and their offerings have grown significantly over the past several years and is now offered in the traditional style for  oversize grips, wide, wide oversized, wide chrome, and wide chrome oversized.  

Quick CrampBuster Demonstration:

Motorcycle Throttle Lock

Good: The Vista Cruise Universal Cruise Control has been the “go-to” product for all genre of bikers, for a long, long time. It is a very inexpensive plastic item that gets the job done. Historically, the Vista Cruise has unique offerings for 1990 and Newer Harleys, Universal  ?” bars, Universal 1” bars, Universal Honda / Kawi ?” Dual Cable, and the Universal Yamaha ? Single or  Dual Cable.  For less than $40 this Vista Cruise is a great throttle lock option.

Better: A better looking and higher quality item is the Kuryakyn Mechanical Cruise Assist which attaches to the end of any Kuryakyn ISO grip. If you do not own a Kuryakyn grip, this same type of item is available from ThrottleMeister.  This is a great looking piece which locks the throttle in place with just a ¼ turn of the bar end. This application is clean, looks great, and is easy to install. If you are looking for a matching look for the left hand grip, this bar end weight is the perfect match!

Kuryakyn Mechanical Throttle Cruise Assist Installation

Best: The BrakeAway Cruise Control is by far the best and safest motorcycle throttle lock available.

This cruise control accessory shuts off automatically when the rider taps the front brake or manually disengages the BrakeAway with a touch of their thumb. The BrakeAway is available for most metric cruisers, Harley Davidsons, and Honda Rune’s. If you want the safest, highest quality and easiest to use motorcycle throttle lock, the BrakeAway is our recommendation.

Breakaway Cruise Control VS Kuryakyn ISO Grip

Motorcycle Electronic Cruise Control

NOT recommended: Generic automotive cruiser controls purchased from automotive shops can be modified to “work” on motorcycles, but we DO NOT recommend any non-motorcycle specific options.

Better: The Kuryakyn Electromagnetic Cruise Assist does not modulate your speed, but is a better way to electronically control the speed of your motorcycle. With one push of a button, the speed is set. To release, simply push the button a second time, touch the brake, or pull in the clutch. It’s that simple! This product is available for most 2007 and newer Harley Davidsons.

Best: The Motor Cycle Cruise control is the only true cruise control for the motorcycle market.

The development of these kits have reached over $1.5 million and improvements are still forthcoming. Once this unit it set, it will monitor and maintain your speed and any setting between 25 mph and 100 mph. To turn it off, you simply tap the front brake, rear brake or the clutch. The rider can override the unit by turning the throttle, and when the throttle is released, the computer will take the bike back to the previously selected speed. The MotorCycle Cruise Control is the most state of the art cruise control you can mount on your motorcycle.


Wrist relief is important for overall safety when riding the open roads on a motorcycle. Be it a $10 wrist rest or a $1,000 super computer cruise control or any of the options in-between, these rider fatigue aids are crucial for a safer and more comfortable ride.

We hope this buying guide has been helpful and informative. If you have any comments, feedback, or suggestions on how we can make this process more effective, informative, or even entertaining for you, please call customer care or email with your thoughts and / or suggestions.

Thanks for reading.
Until next time, take care and ride safe!
Kyle and the Cruiser Customizing Team