The Protection of Highway Bars & Engine Guards

By Glenn Zetterquist (Zee331)

Video Transcription

Kyle Bradshaw here and welcome to this cruiser customizing tip of the week. This week we’re going to take you on a detailed breakdown of highway bars we’re then going to show you the breakdown of the Lindby customizer bars and then at the end were going to show you the installation of several different bars so you can see exactly how these things work. This tip is going to move fast so take a seat hold on and enjoy the ride.

Highway bars, engine guards, crash bars, those are all common names of the standard highway bar, now what I want you to keep in mind is that none of these units up here, none of them are meant to protect your motorcycle in the event of a crash, the most common use for highway bars is a place to mount your highway pegs so you can get a comfortable position while cruising down the road. Just about every highway bar out there comes in two different sizes you’ve got one and a quarter and one and a half inches, the one and a half inches is commonly being called fatty bars when you order your highway pegs make sure you know whether you got a one and a quarter or a one and a half inch bar, how do you find out? The measurement test is simple, take a standard tape go from outside to outside this particular bar here is one and a half inches.

Another thing to take a look at when purchasing a highway bar is how it mounts, this particular cobra bar here mounts down by the foot pegs and then at the radiator bolt. Now this set of highway bars fits the same motorcycle as this but national cycle has decided that mounting two individual sides is the better way to go, and another function of highway bars is to keep you warm as you ride down the road. Just about any highway bar out there can be fitted with accessories so that your legs and shins stay warm and heated by your motor. Now highway bars and freeway bars have been something that people have been putting on their bikes for ages, and then they bolt highway pegs to them. Lindby customer corporate has come up with a way to take the standard highway bar and transform it into something that is both stylish and functional. In the Lindby line up there are four different bars, the unibar, the multibar, twin bar, and lindbar.
Starting with the least expensive of all of the lindby products is the unibar.

The unibar retails for less than two hundred dollars and provides you with all the basic highway bar features you’re going to find in just about any manufacturer, we have one and a quarter inch tubing and we have a mount both at the center and two at the bottom.
Now let’s talk a little bit about the multibar.

The multibar is going to come in at less than three hundred dollars and is going to give you all of the features and benefits that you’re going to find in the premium linbar. What makes this different from the linbar? Simply it’s a single piece that has been bent instead of cut and welded. Now are you one of those people that settle for nothing but the best? The linbar is the premium combined highway peg highway bar option on the market. Each of these pieces has been welded, ground and finished so you have perfect angles and edges. The linbar comes in right around three hundred and fifty dollars but you’re going to find no other highway bar out there on the market that’s going to give you looks, features and benefits that the linbar offers. If you’ve got a beggar and a linbar upfront you got to take a look at the rear linbar, this matches the styling of your upfront linbar but provides protection to your saddlebags.
Now that we’ve gone over all the highway Lindby options let’s see what an install looks like.

So here we have installed this multi bar on this V-star 1300 and here in front of me are all of the tools and components necessary to complete this install, super simple. We’re going to remove the two four bolts here apply a spacer remove the engine bolt on both sides, apply spacers, bolts, and a highway bar should bolt right up, let’s get busy. And there we have it, this Lindby multibar has been installed in less than twenty minutes and look at the awesome ascetics and protection and comfort that you get from this installation.
Let’s see what an install looks like.

Now lucky for us this is one of the most difficult installs that Lindby has to offer. And there you have it highway bars are an extremely functional part of your motorcycle, this tip should have given you the information that you need to make the perfect buying decision when looking at which highway bar is best for you.
Thank you for watching this cruiser customizing tip of the week.
Until next week, take care and ride safe.

What used to be commonly known as "Crash Bars or Crash Guards" are now for liability reasons known as Engine Bars, Freeway Bars, or Highway Bars.

The two most common uses for these bars are:

1. Protection from low speed or "no speed" tip overs

2. Highway Peg Mounting

Most Highway bars are sold in either 1.25 inch or 1.5 inch diameters. When ordering highway pegs, Make Sure you measure your bar to ensure you are ordering the size clamp that matches your highway bar. Kuryakyn offers a quality Highway Peg combo to suit any situation!

Most common or popular highway bars are from Cobra Highway Bars, Big Bike Parts Highway Bars or National Cycle Highway Bars and Lindby Custom Highway Bars for motorcycles.


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