Kuryakyn Motorcycle Clamp On Driving Light Installation

By Glenn Zetterquist (Zee331)

Hi there guys, KQ here, throttle girl and this is this week’s cruiser customizing tip of the week. I’m here with Kyle and what have we got going on?

Well today we’re going to be talking about driving lights and the importance of driving lights. So on the sportster we have over here we have just a single headlight bulb. Now driving down the road legitimately you’re going to be punching a hole through the darkness about this big, do you really want more than that? Safety is probably the most important reason to install driving lights on your motorcycle.

It makes all the difference in the world, like you just said, it’s either tunnel vision or you want to see what’s out there, there’s animals, there’s turns, there’s all kinds of stuff and you want to be seen, we know that as riders, so the more visibility that we have to be able to see the road as well as the people that are coming towards us to see us. The number one common statement after motorcycle accident is: I couldn’t see

Like oh my gosh, the driver of the car runs up ‘I didn’t see you’, you didn’t look or your didn’t see but visibility is key, I mean Harley Davidson sis a really good job on this motorcycle up here, as you can see they took the turn signals and instead of keeping them squished into the fork they brought them up to the bars and spread them out a little bit, that helps a lot with the visibility but as you’re going to see when we’re done with this bike the footprint of this bike, the force that it comes at you with will be dramatically different after these driving lights are installed.
So we want to be seen and we want to see, now we want the looks as well on the bike but how do we go about doing it? The big creepy scary word: electrical.

So we with this inner driving lights they’re actually extremely easy to install, once you install the clamp to the fork, the light to the clamp, there’s only one wire. This wire can be T-tapped into any of your existing switched 12 volt wires and then the lights would come on when you turn the key on, they’ll go off when you turn the key off, it’s pretty much that simple. Now what I would recommend with any light or light bar in installation is the use of a universal wiring harness, so this here is the kuryakyn wiring harness, now there are several different options, there’s handlebar mounted, this switch here you can conceal just about anywhere you want to, it provides you not only a switch source so you can choose if you want the lights on or off, it also provides a relay and a fuse. This attaches positive negative to your battery and this red wire on KQZ attaches to your 12 volts switch source, this allows these lights to not be on when your key is not on and here you’ve got ground and hot wires. Now here comes the tools for this job, you’ve got a socket that would legitimately allow us to attach the light itself to the clamp and then the Allen key which will allow us to fasten the two pieces of the clamp to the fork tube. We’re now going to get to showing you how the clamp-on driving light kit from Kuryakyn installs on a Harley Davidson’s sportster.

And the first thing we have to do is remove the seat and actually get to the juice, get to the battery and in exposing the battery we need to loosen it up, the battery is exposed where we can get to both the positive and negative end. We know we want to make this pretty so when we run the wiring we want to run it underneath the tank so that it’s not only protected but it doesn’t look like a junk show, so loosen the tank and make it make some room for those wires. From here we’re ready to go, we’ve got the positive and negative end, we run our wiring.
So what we’re doing here is we’re taking a look at the wiring underneath the tank and we found the wore that runs 12 volts when the key is in the on position, what we’re going to do now is we’re going to T-tap this wire so we can use that for our switch source.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with these little bad boys this is what we call a T-tap, Kyle and I found juice about 12 volts of that coming through this wire and what we need to do now is we put this around the wire, isolate it, pinch it down and then take needle nose and then pinch it down again. Now that we have switch power we’re going to tuck up all these wires and get to installing the lights. The beauty of this clamp on kit is the fact that it can fit numerous forks whether they are 39mm or 41mm these clamps will fit and why is that KQ? It’s because they have these nifty little fitters basically. What you’re going to do is you’re going to put it around the fork tune and then the clamp itself from the light actually fits in or takes up any remaining space.

So you want to make sure you run this as high up as possible here at the front, make the suspension has all of its proper clearance so that you’re not going to dent a fend or anything and then how do the lights attach to the clamp?

So here we have the clamp and the light, the wire runs through the top of the clamp, you then slide the bolt through. Now this washer is here is dumbed, this allows you to have your adjustment and then you attach your nut. Now I’m just going to put this on here, finger tight until we get this set up on the motorcycle so we can do a final adjustment. So what you’re going to notice here is the clamp that goes to the inside has a thicker top and a thinner bottom. You’re going to set that in place over your aluminum spacer. The adjustment on this light is great; as you can see you can position it just about anywhere you want them. Now it’s time to run our wires back under the tank.

Ok, so we’ve got everything hooked up, we’ve run the wires, tied them down, and made them look great. The next thing we do is we put the connectors on this end and it’s time to actually plug them in to the lights and see if they work and look at that.

Now that we have the lights installed, wired up, ready to go we need to make sure that we angle these appropriately, now the best way to do this is to go in front of a wall or a garage and then you’re going to adjust these so they’re not blinding people but you get the proper amount of light where you want them on the road

I know for myself when I ride I kind of like my down and a little bit out, that way it lights up more of the road and I can see what’s on the side, so depending on what you like you have the ability to adjust these bad boys.

Now we talked about the footprint earlier, so go and hit the key KQ. So this is the footprint that we have before we started, now with the addition of these driving lights in the day time this is the effect that you’re going to get, people are really going to see you coming.




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