Meet Motorcycle Enthusiast Leigh Anderson

By Glenn Zetterquist (Zee331)

Kyle Bradshaw from cruiser customizing here with Leigh Anderson. Now you’ve seen Leigh in several of our other videos featuring HJC, Showy, Tourmaster and Cortech but today we’re here to introduce Leigh as a personality who you’re going to see in several of our upcoming videos. So Leigh if you can introduce to our viewers kind of how you got into motorcycling to give them an idea of where you come from and why you’re here
Sure, well I started riding a little over 10 years ago and I was living in Los Angeles at the time and the sport bike culture there was really starting to take off, I’m sure you’ve seen movies like torque and things that capitalized on sport bike culture in Los Angeles was getting really big and I couldn’t help but see how much fun people were having and it seemed to be such an existing lifestyle, I’ve never ridden before, I’ve never even twisted a foot, for some reason it really appealed to me and I heard about the MSF safety classes so I decided to sign up to take the safety classes to see if I liked riding and if it was something that I wanted to do and about two weeks before my class was set to begin, September 11th happened. It was a real wakeup call in a lot of ways of course for our country but for me as a person about how short life can be, I decided that I didn’t want to have any regrets so I went to Honda of Hollywood and I bought my first motorcycle, I still have never ridden but I got a ninja 250; a Kawasaki ninja 250, so it was a great bike to start with, it was super fun, basically after the MSF class I really just taught myself, I went riding in the hills and canyons and mountains, got better and better, made some friends, started to get really involved in motorcycling community, start having more and more fun and from there I outgrew the ninja, I got an SV 650, moved up to northern California where I started riding in the hills and canyons of Napa and from that point on I met a gentleman riding, one of those people who has been riding his whole entire life and really a mentor and I recommend to everybody, if you can find a riding mentor, someone to ride with that can really help you, it was great for me but Jerry was the one who encouraged me to try racing and the thing that cemented it though, was I was riding with a friend and a couple of other motorcyclists joined us and we were with them for a while and when we stopped I took off my helmet and it was obvious that the guys by their reaction didn’t realize I was a girl and they were kind of stunned and one guy said to me, ‘ wow you’re pretty fast’ and I felt myself waiting for him to say ‘for a girl’ and then when he didn’t I thought maybe I can give this racing thing a try, so I road raced with AFM which is Northern California road racing club, yeah, so I did that for 4 years and it was a lot of fun and learned so much, I became a track day instructor and really that’s where my passion lies, the track day instructing helped me to really realize that I love helping people who are wanting to learn how to ride or learn how to be a better riders or learn more about motorcycles in general, I want to just spread the love and get more people involved in motorcycling.
So Leigh is going to join us for feature episodes here at cruiser customizing, we’re going to work on metric motorcycles, Harley Davidson motorcycles and gold wings, we’re going to be doing special features on how to help lady drivers more adapt to the motorcycle lifestyle, what to think about before getting on the motorcycle, what to think about as far as apparel goes and gear and parts, accessories, the whole gambit.
Exactly: how to be safe, how to be a responsible rider and how to really have fun.
In addition to riding motorcycles what is your knowledge about motorcycling come from?
Well it’s kind of funny, another interesting story, I was in radio, I was a radio personality for 16 years, we left and started my own syndicated talk show about motorcycles called rider radio, I had two male co-hosts; a Harley guy, a retired motorcycle officer; a police officer and the three of us fought about everything but in the end it all came down to our love for riding on two wheels, I actually went to go work for one of our advertisers which was Leo Vince Exhaust and helped bring the company to be in United States, I did marketing and events. Then I went to work for Castrol to help expand their business development for the motorcycle area, I did dealer development and then I started working for regional distributor distributing hard parts and accessories here in Northern California and just continuing getting more and more involved in the industry and then having so much fun helping getting other people involved in motorcycling, then I went to go work for Cycle Gear in their marketing department which was a lot of fun; a lot of envent: bike nights, racings like that and then I got the opportunity to work for Helmet House, so I’m now working for a national distributor, we distribute as Kyle mentioned some great products Showy and HJC, TourMaster and Cortech, I am passionate about safety and about gear and it’s been a really perfect fit for me, I’m having so much fun, it’s a dream come true
And there you go, Leigh Anderson ladies and gentlemen, she’s going to be here helping you take your motorcycling passion to the next level.


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