Victory Motorcycles - An American Alternative to Harley-Davidson

By Glenn Zetterquist (Zee331)

An American Made Motorcycle

Once upon a time, there were multiple brands of American made motorcycles to choose from; Harley-Davidson, Indian, Excelsior, Henderson, Crocker, Curtis, Simplex, etc… Then there were two. Then there was one, and now there are three; Harley-Davidson, Indian and Victory.

As an active motorcyclist, you have no doubt seen the strong and steady presence of Victory as well as the growing numbers of Victory motorcycles appearing on the roads and in magazines. Victory produces a great line up of cruiser, bagger and touring motorcycles that have a very unique and distinctive style about them. Victory is quickly gaining a reputation for producing top rate motorcycles that include fantastic styling, great performance, precise handling and a comfortable ride that makes long distance touring as pleasurable as quick trips around town.

There is no mistaking a Victory for any other brand. Victory motorcycles are every bit as unique as Harley-Davidson and Indian with their own distinct styling cues and personality. Victory motorcycles are easy to recognize because of their swooping lines combined with sharp angular features and curvaceous body work. Maybe it’s the long forward angled headlights on the Crossroads and 8-Ball models or the sharp angles of the saddlebags and trunk on the Vision and Cross Country Tour models, but there is something about the entire Victory line that gives the bikes a very “Arlen Ness” look about them. Put the bikes under a microscope and you will most likely find that Arlen Ness’s fingerprints are all over these bikes.

American Muscle & Reliability With Victory Motorcycles

The heart of every Victory motorcycle pumps strong with either a 92 cubic inch or 106 cubic inch V-twin engine. The 106ci engine generates a massive 106ft lbs of torque and delivers it to the road through a 6-speed transmission. This allows the bikes to run low rpms at high speeds, making them run smooth and fast while maintaining a lack of vibration that isn’t often found in such a large V-twin. Victory was the first American manufacture to offer a V-twin over 100 cubic inches as standard equipment and the majority of Victory motorcycles are now powered by this fantastic engine.

Victory redefined the standards of power in American motorcycles when they introduced their 106 cubic inch engine and they have proven that is extremely reliable through thousands of miles and countless hours of testing, which is why Victory ranks so consistently high in ownership satisfaction ratings. Victory’s approach to building engines and drive trains has definitely been noticed by the competition as Harley Davidson and Indian are both stepping up to address the gauntlet that Victory has thrown down.

The competition between Harley Davidson and Victory and the reintroduction of the Indian brand will ultimately benefit the consumer with improved products and new models from all three brands as they try to out-do each other for the number one American motorcycle manufacture position. The Harley line-up probably remained relatively unchanged for so many years simply because they held the number one position with no competition for top American brand.

Make no mistake, being top American brand carries a lot of weight because there are a substantial number of riders who will not ride anything but an American made motorcycle. Now that there is more than one American brand to choose from, Harley will be forced to compete on the strength of their product rather than relying on the patriotic nature of American consumers.

Victory is a viable alternative and many Harley owners are switching, considering switching or a least starting to find themselves strangely attracted to Victory. In talking with Victory owners here at Cruiser Customizing, we find that a large percentage of them previously owned a Harley Davidson.

Aftermarket Parts & Accessories For Victory Motorcycles

Exhaust Systems
For Victory
Arlen Ness
Deep Cut Products
Bahn Products

It’s not just die-hard Harley riders that are finding themselves attracted to Victory either, the aftermarket industry has really embraced the brand and there are now boatloads of custom parts and accessories being produced for Victory motorcycles with more being introduced every day.

It is no coincidence that the Victory line-up has an Arlen Ness look about them. Arlen Ness has been directly involved with Victory since 2004. So involved, that there is an Arlen Ness signature series Victory Vision, a Cory Ness Victory Cross Country Tour and a Zach Ness Victory Cross Country model all available directly from your local Victory dealer. Arlen Ness and his team, especially his son Cory and grandson Zach have fully embraced the Victory brand, and are now focusing as much or maybe even more attention on Victory than they do on Harley-Davidson.

Take a look at the extensive Arlen Ness line-up of custom parts and accessories for Victory and you quickly realize that the possibilities for customizing a Victory are as limitless as your imagination. Every conceivable custom part that is available for a Harley, are also available for a Victory; custom exhaust and intake options, bars, mirrors, grips, floorboards, footpegs, suspension components, custom lighting, engine covers, windshields and various chrome and blacked out bits and pieces. You name it.

Mustang Seats has a complete line of custom seat options for Victory motorcycles and Kuryakyn has stepped up by offering a large selection of custom hard parts and accessories for the Victory brand as well. Lindby offers a selection of highway bars, WeRev has driver backrests and Bassani and Freedom Performance offer a wide selection of custom exhaust options just to name a few.

Shop Cruiser Customizing For Your Victory Motorcycle Parts

Video: Kyle's Visit To Arlen Ness to Dicuss Victory Parts & Accessories

Cruiser Customizing has a passion for all motorcycles, but particularly for American made motorcycles whether they are Harley, Indian or Victory. There is something special and unique about the styling, performance, ride and the sound of American made V-twin motorcycles that has not yet been duplicated by metric manufactures. Metric manufactures have put their own unique spin on cruiser, touring and bagger bikes, and they have created some fantastic motorcycles, but there is something definitely different between cubic centimeters and cubic inches that doesn’t cross over.

If you own a Victory motorcycle or have ever considered buying one, or even if you are a diehard Harley rider that would rather fight than switch, you should check out this week’s Cruiser Customizing Tip Of The Week to learn more about the growing catalog of Victory parts, accessories and customizing options that are steadily becoming available. No matter what brand you are faithful to, it’s good to explore your options, and Victory and Cruiser Customizing have some great options for you. Be sure to visit the Victory or Harley-Davidson brand pages on the Cruiser Customizing website and flex your American muscle today.


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