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Motorcycle helmets manufactured by Bell. Cruiser Customizing offers a complete selection of Bell Helmets and accessories for all of your riding needs. We carry their full line of accessories including: Helmets, Full Face, Half Helmet, Helmet Accessories.

Bell Helmets are not just a manufacturer of helmets, they are an American institution. Ask any old timer who made the first “real” helmets and they will no doubt answer Bell. Bell Helmets was established in 1954 when helmet technology was sorely lacking. Most helmets of the time were little more than a bucket worn on your head. They didn’t have very good protective qualities, but they made clean up a little easier for medical crews.

Bell Helmets revolutionized helmet design. They started developing energy absorbing expanded polystyrene liners (EPS) where other manufactures just used padding or cork between the shell and comfort lining. The engineers at Bell actually studied the types of head trauma that are experienced from crash impacts. They understood that it wasn’t enough just to have a shell that was padded inside, but that a helmet needs to absorb the force of an impact, slowing it down, spreading it over a wider area and that the inner liner needed to be firm, yet crushable, thereby absorbing as much force as possible. Bell Helmet changed the way everyone looked at helmets. From racers, riders and drivers, to the medical community, to every other helmet manufacturer, Bell changed the game forever and started a revolution in helmet technology and an awareness of the importance of head protection.

Bell really changed the game forever when they introduced the Bell Star Helmet with its revolutionary full face design. Nobody had ever seen such a futuristic cool looking helmet. As crazy as it sounds, it hadn’t occurred to anyone up until that time that you might actually need to protect your face in a crash as well as the rest of your head. Over time, the Star became an iconic name. Almost a brand in itself and the helmet has evolved with the technological changes that Bell has helped pioneer to remain Bell’s top of the line model.

The cutting edge designs that come from Bell can be seen in some recent releases, like the Bell Rogue Helmet. The Bell Rogue has the look of a half helmet with the comfort of a ¾, and an adjustable and removable muzzle for added protection. The Rogue offers an innovative solution for exceptional rider comfort and protection.

Everything Bell is designed to fulfill a specific set of needs—without frosting. The Bell aesthetic is uniquely appealing in its purpose-built utility in the same way a race car or fighter jet is designed with every aspect of its function in mind. That they are beautiful in their ultimate aesthetic is secondary. In the end Bell creates essential performance tools built to use. What’s important to Bell Helmets is also important to Cruiser Customizing and to our customers. Places to ride, substance over fashion, and performance over pose. We seek to celebrate utility, keeping it authentic and sharing the resulting energy. In this way we not only serve the core, but democratically spread the love and expand the activities that we are all so passionate about.

Cruiser Customizing shares your passion for riding by giving you a way to find reliable motorcycle products quickly. Within seconds, you can search our e-commerce site, and once you have found the right products, they ship directly to your door. The biking experience tailors to unique people, which is represented in our unique products. Whether you are traveling solo on the road or with some friends, our products will guarantee your ride is memorable and comfortable. Setting the trend and making statements on the road is easy thanks to Cruiser Customizing.

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