Lighting, Electrical, Audio for Harley Davidson Dyna Glide

You can enhance the beauty, safety and fun of your motorcycle with motorcycle electronics, motorcycle lighting, and audio customization. Get your Bluetooth motorcycle communicators, light bars, marker lights, speakers, and stereos to deck out your ride! Relocate your motorcylce turn signals, get new brighter headlights and signal lights, or grab a new horn. We want you to have the best customized cruiser while you're cruising around town! You can see our installation guides for kuryakyn tailights and Kuryakyn Phase7 installation, see below for a complete list.

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Part: KIS-P115W-S
Part Number: KIS-P115W-S
P115W-S Totally self-contained. There are no hidden boxes or switches. There are no wires to cut or splice. Designed for 3-pin H4 or a Japanese H7 2-pin style headlamps. It's 1.25" (32mm) round, an ...
Price: $109.95
CruiserCustomizing Staff Pick
(155 reviews)
More Info on Kisan Pathblazer Headlight Modulator - Bucket Style Headlamp H4 3-pin Bulb, Part: KIS-P115W-S
Part Number: RIV-AHHD
Waterproof dual-trumpet air horns replace stock horn and give a loud warning blast of 128 dB Trumpets, mounts and brackets are triple-plated chrome Includes horn assembly, air compressor, relay, sim ...
Price: $199.95
(8 reviews)
More Info on Rivco Air Horn Kit (Chrome) - Harley Davidson Models, Part: RIV-AHHD
Part Number: KY-2249
Complex Reflector design provides unmatched performance while providing the appearance of a traditional headlamp. Passing lamps available separately (KY-2247) to complement the look of the headlamp. ...
MSRP: $259.99
Price: $220.99   
(3 reviews)
More Info on Kuryakyn Phase Seven - 7 Inch Headlight- Fits Harley Davidson/ Yamaha Models with 7 Inch Round Headlight, Part: KY-2249
Part Number: KY-5426
Our Panacea™ Taillight System set new standards in L.E.D. lighting for Harley-Davidson® motorcycles. Simple plug-in installation makes the Panacea™ an extremely user-friendly upgrade to virtually all ...
MSRP: $199.99
Price: $169.99   
(1 review)
More Info on Kuryakyn Low Profile Panacea Taillight - Smoke - Harley Davidson Sportster/ Dyna/ Touring/ Softail Models, Part: KY-5426
Part: 2WT-4405-0005C
Part Number: 2WT-4405-0005C
Will not fit 1998-newer FLHR Road King or 2004-newer XL Sportster Cycle Sounds Series 2 speaker system features 2-1/2" speakers that push 75-watts per speaker for a peak of a 150watts Kapton 1" vo ...
Price: $399.95
Not Yet Rated
More Info on Cycle Sounds Series II 2.5 Inch Premium Sound System w/ Grill (Chrome) - Harley Davidson , Part: 2WT-4405-0005C
Part Number: KY-5012
Punch bright holes through the darkness for better night vision and to make you more visable too! Kuryakyn has combined the super sleek 3 inch Halogen Bullet Driving Lights with an innovative mountin ...
MSRP: $299.99
Price: $254.99   
Not Yet Rated
More Info on Kuryakyn Clamp-on 3 Inch Front Mount Driving Lights (set) - 39mm and 41mm Fork Tubes, Part: KY-5012
Part Number: KY-7767
This is a spoiler with LED Run-Turn-Brake lights built it. Become the leader and get noticed with the latest in L.E.D. technology combined with the utmost in style you’ve come to expect from Kuryak ...
MSRP: $229.99
Price: $195.99   
Not Yet Rated
More Info on Kuryakyn LED Run-Turn-Brake Spoiler - Harley Davidson Touring Models w/ King/ Chopped/ Razor-Pak Tour-Paks, Part: KY-7767
Part: WOLO-519
Part Number: WOLO-519
Installs in minutes by simply transferring the factory horn wires to the compressor. Mounts with one bolt included in kit. Produces a powerful dual tone air horn sound that is two times 2X louder than ...
Price: $74.19
(12 reviews)
More Info on Wolo Bad Boy Air Horn (Chrome), Part: WOLO-519
Part Number: RIV-MIRLED
LEDs on both sides. Mirror is convex glass. Dimensions: 3" x 5.5" Includes metric adapters so they fit any motorcycle. Comes with detailed installation instructions. ...
Price: $249.95
(18 reviews)
More Info on Rivco Universal LED Mirrors, Part: RIV-MIRLED
Part Number: KY-4219
Unfortunately, most riders find out that their charging system has failed when they end up broken down on the side of the road. A little advanced warning can keep you from being stranded in the middle ...
MSRP: $44.99
Price: $38.99   
(400 reviews)
More Info on Kuryakyn L.E.D. Battery Gauge, Chrome or Black, Part: KY-4219
Part: SD-1004
Part Number: SD-1004
This compact solid state electronic module converts your ordinary brake lights into your choice of two attention getting visual alerting signals when you apply your brakes: User Selected Mode One ...
Price: $42.95
(247 reviews)
More Info on Signal Dynamics Back Off Brake Light Signal Module, Part: SD-1004
Part Number: RIV-ELCHRN
While not quite as loud as our premium quality air horns, with an output of 118 decibels these are the loudest electric horns you can buy. Over THREE times as loud as most stock horns and a great ec ...
Price: $79.95
(86 reviews)
More Info on Rivco Magnum Electric Horn Set- Various Motorcycles W/ 12V Charging System, Part: RIV-ELCHRN
Part Number: KY-5021
Get a smooth, even glow without the spotlighting of pod style L.E.D.'s! The Chameleon of L.E.D. lights offers three spectacular modes - Single Color Steady Illumination, Single Color Flashing with Va ...
MSRP: $329.99
Price: $280.99   
(35 reviews)
More Info on Kuryakyn Seven Color Super Lizard Maximus Kit (ea), Part: KY-5021
Part Number: KY-5032
Replace those clunky stock turn signals on the back of your bike with these perfectly sized 2-1/4 inch bullets. The 1 inch long universal mount keeps these lights tucked close to your bike for a smoot ...
MSRP: $99.99
Price: $84.99   
(19 reviews)
More Info on Kuryakyn Rear Turn Signals, Red Single Circuit w/ Smoked Lenses (pr) - Universal, Part: KY-5032
Part Number: HT-MSA-1
Includes custom "pod" with dual 4.25 inch speaker, 50 watt amp with USB charge port, audio perch with built-in volume control and all required hardware and wiring Fits all Memphis Shades Batwing Fa ...
MSRP: $399.95
Price: $359.96   
(10 reviews)
More Info on Hogtunes Speaker System for Memphis Shades Batwing Fairing, Part: HT-MSA-1
Part Number: KY-4107
Mounting your favorite gadget just got easier. These unique adjustable devices will accommodate most cell phones including the iphone with or without a case or sleeve. Fully adjustable, they conform t ...
MSRP: $22.99
Price: $19.99   
(8 reviews)
More Info on Kuryakyn Universal Spring Loaded Gadget Holder for Electronic Devices (Left), Part: KY-4107
Part Number: KY-1699
Perfect for iPhone! Easily mount & secure an iPhone, iPod, smartphone, GPS or small device to your handlebars in just seconds. An adjustable swivel head allows movement for perfect positioning & disco ...
MSRP: $64.99
Price: $55.99   
(6 reviews)
More Info on Kuryakyn Tech-Connect Complete Kit (Black)- for 7/8 in, 1 in. and 1-1/4 in. Handlebars, Part: KY-1699
Part Number: SENA-SMH10D-10
The SMH10 is a Bluetooth 3.0 stereo headset with long-range Bluetooth intercom designed specifically for motorcycles. With the SMH10, you can call handsfree on your Bluetooth mobile phone, listen to s ...
MSRP: $379.00
Price: $284.95   
(3 reviews)
More Info on Sena SMH10 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset/ Intercom - Dual Pack, Part: SENA-SMH10D-10
Part Number: BT-081-0158
To charge iPhone, iPad, iPod, GPS, Camera or any Smartphone or device that can be charged via USB Designed for use on any 12v battery Input: 12v Output: 2.1A Maximum
MSRP: $11.95
Price: $10.76   
(1 review)
More Info on Battery Tender Quick Disconect Plug With USB Charger, Part: BT-081-0158
Part Number: BT-081-0157
Don't guess on what your batteries status is. Use this Deltran Battery Tender Voltage Indicator with LCD display. It plugs directly into Deltran Quick Disconnect style battery harness. Indicates q ...
MSRP: $16.95
Price: $15.26   
(1 review)
More Info on Battery Tender Voltage Indicator With LCD Display (Plugs Into Deltran Quick Disconnect Battery Harness), Part: BT-081-0157
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