EasyBrackets Motorcycle Parts & Accessories

Cruiser Customizing offers a complete selection of EasyBrackets motorcycle parts and accessories for all of your riding needs. We carry their full line of accessories including: Lighting, Electrical, Audio, Saddlebags, Windshields, Saddlebag Brackets.

The Easy Bracket Saddlebag Mounting System an innovative two point docking system that allows the quick and easy installation and removal of saddlebags. Easy Brackets are easy to install using two existing bolts holes in the fender rail of the motorcycle. By replacing the existing bolts with the docking posts and longer bolts provided in each kit, the Easy Brackets can then be instantly installed and locked into place. The docking posts and bolts are specially designed to work perfectly with your brand and model motorcycle. When saddlebags are off the bike, all that is left behind are 2 barely noticeable attractive polished stainless steel dock posts on each side of the bike.

Easy Brackets are the ideal solution for riders who don’t need saddlebags on a daily basis, but occasionally need extra carrying capacity for road trips and longer rides. The Easy Bracket Mounting System allows you to quickly add or detach a set of saddlebags with little effort and no hassle. When your saddlebags are not being used, you can hang them in your garage using an Easy Hanger. This wall mounted system has the same stainless steel docking posts found on your easy brackets. Simply detach your saddlebags from your motorcycle and hang them on the Easy Hangers so they are ready to put back on your bike the next time you need them.

There are many benefits to the Easy Bracket system. The 12 gauge steel brackets that mount to each saddlebag are black powder coated for durability and mounting these brackets to soft saddlebags made of leather or nylon, gives the saddlebags rigidity and helps them maintain their original shape. Since the bags are so easily mounted and removed from your motorcycle, you can easily grab both bags, connect them with an Easy Tote and carry them into your hotel or final ride destination without having to unload the bags in a parking lot.

The Easy Tote is a simple carrying handle that allows you to connect your two saddlebags together so you can carry them off the bike as a single piece of luggage. Easy Brackets also offers Turn Signal Relocation Kits for those motorcycle models where saddlebags cannot be mounted unless the rear turn signals are moved, and you may even want to add a set of Easy Brackets Hand Shields to protect your hands in all kinds of weather conditions. All Easy Bracket products are designed and built in the U.S.A. ensuring innovative design and first rate quality products.

Cruise Customizing is a proud retailer of Easy Brackets products. At Cruiser Customizing we strive to bring together the biker community, not only with great products but also by maintaining a solid community spirit that embodies all that is exciting about the motorcycle world. The Cruiser Community welcomes and encourages active participation. Customers become friends and are an integral part of our friendly biker society which centers around riders' stories, new products and what's up and coming. Of course, helping each member to fulfill their passion in the art of motorcycle maintenance and personal riding enjoyment is our number one goal.

So, when you are preparing for your next big ride and looking carefully at what you might need or want for greater ease and comfort on the bike, remember, Easy Brackets helps make your motorcycle luggage solutions simple and easy.

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