Saddlebags for Harley Davidson V-Rod

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The right sissy bar bag, saddle bag, and straps ensure your belongings are secure. We feature the most innovative hard and soft motorcycle saddle bag, and sissy bar bag solutions with motorcycle tank and fender bibs to match. Always travel with reliable motorcycle straps and ties, just in case you end up with more than you left with.
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Part Number: BBP-HD90-193BK
A windshield pouch provides extra storage and easy access to items that you may need frequently while on your bike, such as your wallet, cell phone or bridge toll money. The Hopnel Signature Series st ...
MSRP: $69.95
Price: $62.99   
(362 reviews)
More Info on Hopnel Signature Series Windshield Tri-Pouch w/ Velcro Closure for Memphis Shades Fat Boy Windshield, Part: BBP-HD90-193BK
Part Number: DAY-AA-LARGE
The model "AA" is Daytona Gear's largest magnetic tank bag. It Measures 14 inches long, 7 inches from top to bottom and has 5 compartments including a Velcro see-through cell phone pocket, a Velcro po ...
Price: $49.95
CruiserCustomizing Staff Pick
(88 reviews)
More Info on Daytona Gear AA Model Leather Magnetic Tank Bag - Large, Part: DAY-AA-LARGE
Part Number: KY-4133
The perfect day bag! The Daily Tour Bag provides just enough room for items needed on a full day or overnight journey. The semi-rigid bag holds its shape empty or full and mounts about anywhere on the ...
MSRP: $119.99
Price: $107.99   
(23 reviews)
More Info on Kuryakyn Daily Tour Bag (12 inches L X 10 Inches H X 15 Inches W), Part: KY-4133
Part Number: KY-4141
With multiple mounting options – sissy bar, luggage rack, or passenger seat – this versatile bag is the ultimate companion for overnight trips or short tours. A semi-rigid internal framework serves tw ...
MSRP: $189.99
Price: $170.99   
(256 reviews)
More Info on Kuryakyn Grantour Bag (18 inch Tall X 14 inch Deep X 20 Inch Wide) ( 3744 Cubic inches), Part: KY-4141
Part Number: KY-4172
Want to have the ultimate experience for the next big game, camping trip or event? Then this bag is what you need. Combining everything but the kitchen sink, this bag will provide you with a tailgate ...
MSRP: $299.99
Price: $239.95   
(23 reviews)
More Info on Kuryakyn GranTailgater Bag (Black) (21 Inch Tall X 17 Inch Deep X 24 Inch Wide) (6402 Cubic Inches), Part: KY-4172
Part Number: KY-4144
The Classic Tour Bag is not your traditional roll bag. Place it on your luggage rack and securely fasten it to your sissy bar with its wide hook and loop strap. Place it on your passenger seat and it ...
MSRP: $139.99
Price: $114.95   
(15 reviews)
More Info on Kuryakyn Classic Tour Roll Bag (Black) (12 Inch Long x 11 Inch High x 21 Inch Wide (Expands to 24 inches), Part: KY-4144
Part Number: TC-HC2900
This product usually doesn't work with sissybars because the sissybar causes interference when trying to open the trunk. Dimensions: 17" L x 23" W x 13" H overall measurement. Holds two full f ...
MSRP: $152.95
Price: $137.99   
(6 reviews)
More Info on Saddlemen Large Hard Case Trunk- Mounts to Existing Luggage Rack, Part: TC-HC2900
Part Number: ROK-ADJ-BLK
Welcome to ROK™ Straps, home of the ROK™ and Strap It™ range of elastic cargo straps - offering a new level of durability, strength and safety in the elastic luggage & cargo strap market. Whether y ...
MSRP: $24.95
Price: $23.99   
CruiserCustomizing Staff Pick
(111 reviews)
More Info on ROK Straps  - The Ultimate Luggage Strap, Part: ROK-ADJ-BLK
Part Number: KY-4142
Designed to rest on the luggage rack or sissy bar mount, the Rollbag features a large clamshell-style flap that opens wide for easy access to packed items. A hook-and-loop closure secures the front fl ...
MSRP: $169.99
Price: $139.95   
(36 reviews)
More Info on Kuryakyn Tour Trunk Roll Bag (Black) (10 Inches Tall X 12 Inches Deep X 19 Inches Wide) (1492 Cubic Inches), Part: KY-4142
Part Number: KY-4149
Mount the GranTraveler as a tour trunk or on top of your tour trunk for extra storage room. The semi-rigid construction & adjustable universal straps add ease when securing this bag to your motorcycle ...
MSRP: $199.99
Price: $179.99   
(7 reviews)
More Info on Kuryakyn GranTraveler Tour Bag (Black) (17 Inches Long X 11 Inches Wide), Part: KY-4149
Part Number: TC-3550-0171
The waterproof pak from Saddlemen offers protection from water, dust, moisture and anything else that you may encounter while riding. The pak is made from a tough rubber-like marine vinyl that will ...
MSRP: $14.95
Price: $13.46   
Not Yet Rated
More Info on Saddlemen Waterproof Pak, Medium Handle-Top Bag (15.75 In. x 9.5 In.) , Part: TC-3550-0171
Part Number: HD-721PUCC
Fits Memphis Shades windshields only! - Leather-Like Windshield Tri-Pouch, easy convenient storage! - Solid Steel closing clasps keep your valuables in the bag while you ride. - Constructed to fi ...
MSRP: $74.95
Price: $54.95   
(149 reviews)
More Info on Heavy Duty Windshield Tri-Pouch Tool Bag with Clasp Closure For Memphis Fats/ Switchblade Windshield Only, Part: HD-721PUCC
Part Number: TC-3515-0075
Versatile mounting system in stalls on luggage rack, back seat or sissy bar; clips onto most Saddlemen touring bags Fully rigid construction looks great empty or full Multiple D-rings provide easy m ...
MSRP: $74.95
Price: $67.99   
(15 reviews)
More Info on Saddlemen R1300LXE Deluxe Roll Bag, Part: TC-3515-0075
Part: TB-1010D
Part Number: TB-1010D
When you’re talking major packing capacity for your dresser - THINK DAKOTA STANDARD FEATURES * Tough 1680d ballistic nylon with fade resistant UV treatment * Insulated with 1/2" closed cell fo ...
Price: $249.95
(3 reviews)
More Info on T-Bags Dakota Bag (Black), Part: TB-1010D
Part Number: KY-4140
The Full Dresser Bag is still the most complete, versatile piece of motorcycle specific luggage available. Its unbelievable features make packing for a two-wheeled adventure more convenient and practi ...
MSRP: $199.99
Price: $164.95   
CruiserCustomizing Staff Pick
(261 reviews)
More Info on Kuryakyn Full Dresser Bag With Rain Cover (Black)- (12 Inches W X 10 Inches D X 18 to 25 Inches H), Part: KY-4140
Part Number: KY-4143
Here’s a bag (patent pending)that does double duty. Designed from the start to serve as both a rigid frame backrest and a bag, the Tombstone Bag provides solid lumbar support and a handy place to stor ...
MSRP: $159.99
Price: $143.99   
CruiserCustomizing Staff Pick
(236 reviews)
More Info on Kuryakyn Tombstone Backrest Bag (Black) (12 Inches Long X 12 Inches High  X 9 Inches Wide), Part: KY-4143
Part Number: TC-3501-0307
We didn't just revamp our existing luggage by changing the concho- We went back to the drawing board, examining every stitch and every panel to determine the best materials and construction method. I ...
MSRP: $161.95
Price: $145.99   
(211 reviews)
More Info on Saddlemen Express Cruis'n Slant Bags - Large, Part: TC-3501-0307
Part Number: KY-4148
Note: Measure Your Motorcycle for Clearance. This Bag Is a Universal Design and May Not Work With All Passenger Sissybars You need major storage? Here is the answer. With its large center compartme ...
MSRP: $149.99
Price: $124.95   
(93 reviews)
More Info on Kuryakyn Ultra Tour Backrest Bag (Black) (16-1/2 Inches High x 16 Inches Wide x 15 Inches Deep (Expands to 20 Inches Wide), Part: KY-4148
Part Number: TC-X02-02-052
A newer addition to the Saddlemen Express™ saddlebags line; available in large, jumbo and extra jumbo sizes Stylish single-strap design with contrasting trim Fixed yoke adjusts for bag height and an ...
MSRP: $139.95
Price: $125.99   
(61 reviews)
More Info on Saddlemen Midnight Express Drifter Slant Saddlebags - Jumbo (17.5x11.5x6), Part: TC-X02-02-052
Part Number: KY-4171
Add convenience with these great saddlebags! Install in seconds without adding any bulky accessory mounts to your motorcycle. These universal saddlebags are true throw-over saddlebags. Simply adjust ...
MSRP: $229.99
Price: $189.95   
(43 reviews)
More Info on Kuryakyn Gran-Throwover Saddlebags (Black) (Pair)- Universal Fitment (24Inch Tip to Tail Slanted Saddlebags (12 Inch H X 8-1/2 Inch W , Part: KY-4171
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