Kuryakyn Deep Dish Bezels with Lenses (Pair) - Various Honda and Kawasaki Models

Kuryakyn Deep Dish Bezels with Lenses (Pair) - Various Honda and Kawasaki Models

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CruiserCustomizing Staff Pick
Freshen up the dated look of your stock turn signals with these deep dish bezels with either amber,red, or smoked amber or red lenses. Smoked lenses come with colored bulbs. The bezel and lenses install easily on the stock housing using stock hardware.

Photo 1: Smoke lenses with Amber Bulbs, illuminated.
Photo 2: Smoke Lenses with Amber Bulbs.
Photo 3: Bezels with Red Lenses.

If you would like the Smoke Lenses with Amber Bulbs for the rear of your bike, you MUST order the 1156 Amber Bulbs separately. (See Related Products Below)

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Would buy again: 85%

  CruiserCustomizing Staff Pick

Overall Ratings: (5 stars) Reviewed on 09/01/05 by
CruiserCustomizing Staff: Beth (Betharoonieandcheese) from Fremont, CA for a 1972 Schwinn, 1972 Suz T500, 2001Suz SV650 Other Make/Model:

Once upon a time there was a 2004 Honda 750 Aero. He has a life that he won't complain about. He was a showroom model; that was something he knew other bikes wished for. He was just a little embarrassed... some other motorcycles in the showroom had many more aftermarket parts on, and our 750 Aero felt underdressed. One day, a girl walked into his life. She was in the showroom that the 750 Aero hung out in. She was walking toward him with some parts in her hand... could they be for him? He was excited, but he wouldn't let himself get his hopes up because she didn't have any tools in her hands. She sat down on the floor next to him and opened the parts that she was holding. From his angle, they looked like turn signal lenses. His heart leapt! Now he would have a light bar with sweet lenses. The girl read through the directions, looked at the underside of his turn signals (how naughty) and went to get the right tools for the job. Now, if you ask her, she will freely admit that on a scale of one to ten, her mechanical ability is around two. Negative two, to be specific. The Aero could tell. He watched her lay the tools out next to the parts that were going to be added. First the screwdriver: it twisted the screw from the underside of the turn signal to loosen the stock lens. "Hold on to that screw! You'll need it later!" the Aero thought. She set the screw aside. "Good. She listened." She grabbed the lens that was on the turn signal in front of her. The Aero braced itself, and closed its eyes (this was going to hurt). After a minute, he squinted, and realized the lens was already off and the bulb was out. But she was coming at him with pliers! "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" he screamed. She took out the heat shield and said nothing, because she didn't speak motorcyclese. "I need that!" he thought. She didn't seem to care as she put in the new yellow bulb. In it went. After the metal thread piece was moved from the old lens to the new bezel, she looked at the housing. "Put the top in first! Put the top in first! Put the top in first!" the Aero told her. She listened again. She angled the bezel so the top was lined up with the housing and slid the bottom half of the bezel in slowly. Once the bezel was flush, she put the screw back in to secure the smoke lens with deep dish bezel in place. The 750 wiggled its bulb. The bezel had a heat shield in it! She didn't need the stock heat shield! He had worried for nothing. The Aero patted her back as she moved on to the other side. She did everything as she did before, only she didn't line up the top first when she went to install the bezel. SNAP! The Aero was in such PAIN! How could she do this to HIM!?? He thought they had a connection! She looked at the underside of his turn signal!! All of his trust was betrayed. A part of the small clip from the stock turn signal housing had broken, and it hung on only by a small sliver of chrome. She gasped. She re-angled the bezel and installed it successfully, though the damage had been done. She apologized to the Aero and got some super glue. She put one tiny dot on the small piece of plastic, and re-attached it. It still hurt, but it was healing. He was angry at her and thought she deserved a mechanical rating of negative three billion. She was excited by how it turned out. She liked his light bar with the deep dish bezels so much she decided to put bezels on his rear turn signals too. Those went on without a hitch. The Aero adjusted her mechanical rating to negative two again in his mind. She wasn't all bad. Plus, he now had two more parts installed on him. He was thankful for that. Now he could start taunting the other motorcycles in the showroom. "Take that White Bike!! You think you're so special! No one has put any parts on YOU!!" So ends the tale of a 750 Aero and the bezels it loved.
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(5 stars) reviewed on 07/09/14 by
(seuss95b) from , , US, for a 2007 1100 Shadow Sabre wrote:

see you

Super easy way to improve your turn signals! installion is a breeze simply to unscrew the oem lens requires one phillips head screwdriver . pull the lens out by the bottom paying attention to the tab on the top side as to not break it off. then place the new lens in mindful of the tab then retighten the screw

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(5 stars) reviewed on 04/10/14 by
Jason (Finkel0119) from West Allis, WI, US, for a 2006, grey 1300 VTX1300C wrote:

Great look

Awesome look.  Very clean look, extremely easy to install. We'll worth the money. 

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(5 stars) reviewed on 09/12/13 by
Kevin (krlowther) from , FL, United States, for a 0 1100 Shadow Sabre wrote:

Great Look

Great replacement for standard honda orange signals.

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(4 stars) reviewed on 07/11/13 by
(malibuseadog) from , , for a 2007 1100 Shadow Sabre wrote:

Nice addition

After having both rear signal lenses broken this was an easy fix and it looks good.  Replaced both front and back with this part and I'm pleased with the look.  Would have given five stars if it didn't have the same small plastic tab to break as the stock lenses. 

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(5 stars) reviewed on 06/29/13 by
(brkewa) from Lakewood, CO, United States, for a 2001 750 Shadow ACE wrote:

looking good

These were fairly easy to put on. I did have to swap out the reflector inside the bevel to fit around the bulb.

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See all Member reviews for Kuryakyn Deep Dish Bezels with Lenses (Pair) - Various Honda and Kawasaki Models

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750 Shadow Aero
347 reviews

1300 VTX1300R (S) Retro
275 reviews

1300 VTX1300C
154 reviews

1100 Shadow Sabre
138 reviews

750 Shadow Spirit
117 reviews

1600 Vulcan Classic
107 reviews

750 Shadow ACE
92 reviews

2000 Vulcan
86 reviews

1800 VTX1800R (Retro)
72 reviews

1800 VTX1800C
66 reviews

1600 Vulcan Nomad
38 reviews

1100 Shadow Aero
31 reviews

600 Shadow VLX
24 reviews

750 Shadow Spirit C2
23 reviews

1300 Fury VT1300
6 reviews

1100 Shadow VT1100C
5 reviews

1500 Valkyrie Standard
5 reviews

1300 VTX1300T Tourer
4 reviews

1300 VT1300 Interstate
3 reviews

1500 Valkyrie Interstate
3 reviews

This accessory fits:

- Honda 600 Shadow VLX
- Honda 750 Shadow ACE
- Honda 750 Shadow ACE Tourer
- Honda 750 Shadow Aero
- Honda 750 Shadow Phantom
- Honda 750 Shadow RS
- Honda 750 Shadow Spirit
- Honda 750 Shadow Spirit C2
- Honda 1100 Shadow ACE
- Honda 1100 Shadow Aero
- Honda 1100 Shadow Sabre
- Honda 1100 Shadow Spirit
- Honda 1300 Fury VT1300
- Honda 1300 Stateline VT1300
- Honda 1300 VT1300 Interstate
- Honda 1300 VT1300 Sabre
- Honda 1300 VTX1300C
- Honda 1300 VTX1300R (S) Retro
- Honda 1800 VTX1800C
- Honda 1800 VTX1800R (Retro)
- Honda 1800 VTX1800S
- Honda 1800 VTX1800T (Tourer)
- Kawasaki 1600 Vulcan Classic
- Kawasaki 1600 Vulcan Nomad
- Kawasaki 2000 Vulcan
- Kawasaki 2000 Vulcan Classic
- Kawasaki 2000 Vulcan Classic LT

Important Fitment Details:
Fits: Honda:
'02 to '05 VTX1800R/S/C
'03 and newer VTX1300R/S/C/T Models
'09 and newer Fury
'10 and newer VT1300 Custom Line (Sabre, Stateline & Interstate)
'04 and newer Shadow 750 Aero/Phantom RS
'02 to '03 Shadow Ace 750
'01 to '07 Shadow Sabre 1100 (Also fits most other Honda Cruisers replacing OEM turn signal lens 33401-MBA-612)

'04 and newer Vulcan 2000
'03 to '08 Vulcan 1600 Classic/Nomad (Also fits other Kawasaki Cruisers replacing OEM turn signal lenses 23048-0001 or 23048-0002)

Note:Stock signal housings that have a screw on the bottom of the housing to hold the lens. These bezels will NOT fit turn signal housings that have screws going into the face of the stock lens.

1156 Type Bulbs are for use with the Rear Turn Signals (Single Filament)

1157 Type Bulbs are for use with the Front Turn Signals (Dual Filament)

Ask a Question about this product

Question & Answers:

    01 shadow ACE 750 fit

    posted on 05/22/13 by
    Andy12 (Andy12) from , , wrote:

    I noticed that the 2001 shadow ace is not listed as a compatible model.  I watched the installation video an the signals shown are exactly like mine.  Will these fit the stock signal housings of a 2001 Shadow ACE 750?

    posted on 05/23/13 by
    theturbo from , , Australia, wrote:

    More info here:
    including what it fits.
    On that weblink it also says:

    Honda: ‘02-‘05 VTX1800R/S/C & ‘03-’09 VTX1300R/S/C/T Models, ‘09-’12 Fury,‘10-'12 VT1300 Custom Line (Sabre, Stateline & Interstate),’04-’12 Shadow 750 Aero/Phantom RS, ’02-’03 Shadow Ace 750, ’01-’07 Shadow Sabre 1100 (Also fits most other Honda Cruisers replacing OEM turn signal lens 33401-MBA-612)

    Cheers, Steve

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