Kuryakyn Flamin Switchblade Pegs (Without Adapters) (Chrome) (Pair)

Kuryakyn Flamin Switchblade Pegs (Without Adapters) (Chrome) (Pair)

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Part Number: KY-4412
MSRP: 159.99
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Note Requires Peg Adapters Sold Separately

What do bikers stand around at night? A firepit. So keep the fire blazin’ with these hot Flamin’ Pegs & Pads! No matter where you’re headed, they’ll get you there in style. They’re tough, die cast, chrome-plated, & the rubber components aren’t glued on—they’re physically fastened into place.

Küryakyn Foot-pegs are a 2-part system for convenience and easy installation. Simply select the foot-pegs you desire & the appropriate motorcycle specific adapter for your bike. The new serrated adapters bite right into your footpegs for a secure attachment, so make sure they are at the desired angle before tighten them down. This convenient 2-part system also allows you to change your pegs without purchasing new adapters. Have a new bike? Simply switch your pegs by purchasing new adapters.

Note: Adapter Fitments are for stock OEM peg mounts

Peg Dimensions 1 3/4 Inches Tall X 5 7/8 Inches Long X 7 1/2 Inches Wide (With Open Switchblade)

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This accessory fits:

Custom Fit - May Not Fit All Bikes
Please Read Product Description Fully
Call 888-302-9789 with Questions

Important Fitment Details:
Requires Motorcycle Specific Peg Adapters (Sold Separately) See Below For Required Peg Adapters:
GL1800 '01-'13 Front (KY-7939) (Rear None)
F6B '13 Front (KY-7939) (Rear KY-8806)
VTX1800C/F '02-'08 Front (KY-8803) Rear (KY-8802)
VTX1800R/S/N/T '02-'08 Front (None) Rear (KY-8802)
GL1500 '88-'00 Front (KY-7946) Rear (None)
Valkyrie (all) '97-'04 Front (KY-7946) Rear (KY-8802)
VTX1300R/S/T '03-'09 Front (KY-8802) Rear (KY-8802)
VTX1300C '03-'09 Front (KY-8803) Rear (KY-8802)
VT1300 Sabre/Stateline '10-'13 Front (KY-8803) Rear (KY-8802)
VT1300 Interstate '10-'13 Front (None) Rear (KY-8802)
Fury '09-'13 Front (KY-8803) Rear (KY-8802)
1100 Sabre '00-'07 Front (KY-8803) Rear (KY-8803)
1100 Aero '99-'02 Front (None) Rear (KY-8802)
1100 Ace Tourer '97-'03 Front (KY-7946) Rear (KY-8802)
1100 Spirit '99-'07 Front (KY- 8803) Rear (KY-8803)
1100 Shadow Ace '95-'99 (KY-7946) Rear (KY-8802)
750 Shadow /Ace/Aero/ Spirit/Phantom/RS '00-'13 Front (KY-8803) Rear (KY-8802)
750 Magna '96-'04 Front (KY-8803) Rear (KY-8802)
600 VLX & Deluxe '96-'07 Front (KY-8803) Rear (KY-8802)
Rebel 250 '96-'12 Front (None) Rear (KY-8802)
Vulcan 2000 (All Models) '04-'10 Front (None) Rear (KY-8831)
Vulcan 1700 Classic/LT/Vaquero '09-'13 Front (None) Rear (KY-8831)
Vulcan 1600 Classic '03-'08 Front (None) Rear (KY-8831)
Vulcan 1500 Classic '96-'08 Front (None) Rear (KY-8831)
Vulcan 1500 A/B '87-'99 Front (KY-8830) Rear (KY-8831)
Vulcan 1500 Drifter '99-'05 Front (None) Rear (KY-8831)
Vulcan 1500/1600 Mean Streak '02-'08 Front (KY-8830) Rear (KY-8831)
Vulcan 900 Classic '06-'13 Front (None) Rear (KY-8831)
Vulcan 900 Custom '06-'13 Front (KY-8830) Rear (KY- 8831)
Vulcan 800 Classic '96-'05 Front (KY-8830) Rear (KY-8831)
Vulcan 800 Custom '95-'05 Front (KY-8830) Rear (KY-8831)
Marauder 1600/Boulevard M95 '04-'06 Front (KY-8830) Rear (KY-8831)
Intruder 1500 LC/ Boulevard C90 '98-'09 Front (None) Rear (KY-8821)
Intruder 1400/ Boulevard S83 '95-'08 Front (KY-8820) Rear (KY-8821)
Marauder 800 '97-'04 Front (KY-8820) Rear (KY-8821)
Boulevard C50/T '05-'12 Front (None) Rear (KY-8823)
Boulevard M50 '05-'09 Front (KY-7939) Rear (KY-8823)
Volusia 800 '01-'04 Front (KY- 7939) Rear (KY-8802)
M109R (All Models) '06-'13 Front (KY-7939) Rear (KY-8822)
Boulevard M90 '09 & '13 Front (KY-7939) Rear (KY-8823)
Boulevard C109 '08-'09 Front (None) Rear (KY-8823)
V Star 1300/T '07-'13 Front (None) Rear (KY- 8809)
V Star 1100 '99-'09 Front (KY-8810) Rear (KY- 8811)
V Star 950/T '09-'13 Front (None) Rear (KY- 8811)
V Star 650 '98-'13 Front (KY-8810) Rear (KY-8811)
V Star/Virago 250 All Front (KY-8831) Rear (KY- 8811)
V Max '09-'13 Front (KY-8802) Rear (KY- 8843)
V Max '85-'08 Front (KY-8810) Rear (KY-8811)
Virago 1100 All Front (KY-8810) Rear (KY-8811)
Virago 750 All Front (KY-8810) Rear (KY-8811)
Road Star 1600/1700 (except Warrior) '99-'13 Front (None) Rear (KY-8811)
Road Star Warrior '02-'09 Front (KY-8812) Rear (KY-8809)
Royal Star with OEM Rear Pegs '96-'01 Front (None) Rear (KY- 8811)
Roadliner/Stratoliner & Deluxe '06-'13 Front (None) Rear (KY-8809)
Raider '08-'13 Front (KY-8802) Rear (KY-8809)
Stryker '11-'13 Front (KY-8810) Rear (KY-8811)
Thunderbird '95-'03 Front (KY-8840) Rear (KY-8840)
Thunderbird Sport '98-'00, '03 Front (KY-8840) Rear (KY-8840)
Thunderbird Storm '10-'13 Front (KY-8840) Rear (KY-8802)
Adventurer '96-'01 Front (KY-8840) Rear (KY-8840)
Legend '99-'01 Front (KY-8840) Rear (KY-8840)
Bonneville T100, & Bonneville SE '01-'13 Front (None) Rear (KY-8840)
Bonneville America '02-'10 Front (KY-8840) Rear (KY-8840)
Speedmaster '03-'13 Front (KY-8840) Rear (KY-8840)
America '10-'13 Front (KY-8840) Rear (KY-8802)
Rocket III All Front (KY-8840) Rear (KY-8802)
Hammer All Front (KY-8805) Rear (KY-8805)
Vegas & 8-Ball & Jackpot All Front (KY-8805) Rear (KY-8805)
Kingpin* All Front (None) Rear (KY-8805)
Cross Roads All Front (None) Rear (KY-8805)
Cross Country All Front (None) Rear (KY-8805)
High-Ball All Front (KY-8805) Rear (None)
Hard-Ball All Front (None) Rear (KY-8805)
Judge '13 Front (KY-8805) Rear (KY-8805)
Boardwalk '13 Front (None) Rear (KY-8805)
Spyder RS Models** '08-'13 Front (KY-7939) Rear (KY-8848)

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