CC Employee Is Hit By A Car

Fremont CA.: The Cruiser Customizing employee, Kyle Bradshaw, was hit by a careless driver while riding home from work on Friday night, 11/14/'04. Our members know Kyle as an excellent rider and a dedicated motorcyclist, a multi-talented two-wheeler who enjoys cruising, sport touring and dirt riding. The challenged driver of the Chevy Cavalier apparently did not see the big dual headlight on Kyle's brand new FJR1300 because he abruptly turned left moving right into his path. Kyle was on his brakes at once, and took evasive action. It was impossible for him to avoid sudden impact on the left/front of his FJR and he went airborn, coming down on the asphalt. Kyle's big beautiful Yam was totalled, the fork tubes and frame of his dream bike are bent beyond repair. Kyle's left tibia was broken by the impact, but due to wearing correct safety gear no permanent or life-threatening injuries were sustained. Kyle's full-face Z1R helmet did it's job and though the lid was smashed, he received no facial or head trauma.

Kyle has been released from the hospital and is recovering at home. No official police report has surfaced yet, but we will keep you posted in the newsletter as soon as we receive word.

Kyle was released from the hospital on Sunday evening and is recovering at home. Most Cruiser Customizing's associates are motorcyclists, and some ride or commute daily. Our members will recall that last year our employee Kenny Wright was broadsided by a U-turning van driven by an unlicensed driver. Support and good wishes from Cruiser Customizing members did wonders for Kenny on his long road to recovery, and we know that our members will likewise send their love, prayers and good wishes to Kyle. Write to Kyle at with your kind thoughts.

As a footnote, we at Cruiser Customizing feel that automobile drivers should be given more training in recognizing the others who they share the road with like motorcycles and bicycles. Whenever a motorcyclist goes down, there is a tendency for the driver to forgive him/herself with the excuse, "I didn't see him." When a car violates a rider's right to ride by moving into his space, the newspapers invariably report that "Motorcyclist Hits Car." That is why we at Cruiser Customizing can't emphasize enough our appreciation of Kyle's fine example of wearing proper protective safety gear. Good gear saves lives. Heal up soon, Kyle, we're eager to have you back when you do.

And thanks to all of you for your good wishes. Ride on, but ride safe.

The CruiserCustomizing team

Kyle with his broken leg after being released from the hospital