Features & Benefits of Motorcycle Luggage Options

By Kyle Bradshaw (ManyBikes)

In this Cruiser Customizing Tip of the Week, Kyle Bradshaw hi-lights the features and benefits of many choices, styles, and sizes of Motorcycle Luggage. Luggage is an important asset when it comes to carrying your goods be them small or large, inexpensive or highly valuable.

The luggage items Kyle discusses here are as follows:

Windshield Tri-pouch (Memphis Shades Fats / Slims Windshields)

Tri-Pouch for Batwing

Tri-Pouch for National Cycle

Tank Bag
GPS Model Magnetic Tank Bag
Laguna Mini Hard Tank Bag
Cranker Bag by Sportech

Back Seat Bag
BR3400 Backrest Seat & Sissy Bar Bag
Ultra Tour Bag
Tombstone Backrest Bag

Sissybar Bag
Expandable Sissy Bar Pack w/ Duffel Bag
S3500S Deluxe Sissy Bar Bag
Nylon Cruisre III Large Sissybar Bag

Soft Saddlebags
Saddlemen Express Drifter Slant Bags Jumbo
River Road XLarge Slant Saddlebags w/ Qu
Compact Braided Slant Saddlebag

Hard Saddlebags
Plain Covered Hard Saddlebags
Cruiserliner Saddlebags Smoth Back...
Fairing Factory Stock Replacement ABS Saddlebags

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Until next week, take care and ride safe.

Kyle Bradshaw aka: Manybikes

By Kyle Bradshaw