Motorcycle Accessory Lighting Buying Guide

Motorcycle Accent Lighting has been the rage at the rally scene, at club events, on group rides, and even as you’re cruising the boulevard in downtowns across the nation, and around the world. The process of adding accent lights to your motorcycle used to be tedious and most often left to the experts. Today, companies like Kuryakyn, Radiantz, Custom Dynamics and Street FX have revolutionized the simplicity of LED lighting kits, which can now be easily installed at home in your own garage.

---> In this Buying Guide we would like to share with you the evolution of LED accent lighting, the basic “how-to” install LED accent lighting, as well as giving you the “Good, Better, & Best” in LED accent lighting kits. Stay tuned and hopefully the lights will get brighter as you learn more about motorcycle LED lighting.

The Evolution of LED Accent Lighting

Kuryakyn streamlined this LED evolution with their Spyder lights in the early 2000’s. Several revisions were made year after year and today Kuryakyn offers the industry's most comprehensive and easiest to install Do-It-Yourself (DYI) LED accent light kit, which they call Lizard Lights. These may not be the “best kit for you” but they are the easiest to use, one of the most functional, and backed by a Kuryakyn’s 1 Year Warranty.

Basic Steps to LED Lighting Installation

Look at your bike.

 Prior to the purchase of LED accent lighting, it’s best to look at your bike to identify the surfaces you would like to illuminate, and then ask yourself these questions

  • What parts of my bike would I like to illuminate or showcase?
  • How many lights will I need to accomplish my goal?
  • Are the surfaces flat or contoured?
Choose Your Style.

 Once you have an idea of where you want the lights mounted and how many lights you would like to attach, the next step is choosing the style of the light. Will smaller rigid mount lights work or will you need flexible LED strips?  Maybe a combination of the two?

Decide on your Lighting Kit

 Choosing your kit can be confusing if you “piece it together” but if you want an all-inclusive kit, we suggest the Kuryakyn Lizard Lights or Radiants Chemelionz. Once you receive your kit or your components, lay them out to ensure you have all the parts necessary.
You should have the following:

  • Lights (do you have enough?)
  • Electrical Extension Leads
  • Electrical Connectors (male and female)
  • Double Stick Tape
  • Fuse
  • Light Controller
  • Battery Connection


Watch the installation of the Lizard lights here: 

1) Place the lights on your bike in your predetermined locations.

2) Run your wire extensions and connect them at the junctions.

3) Connect your wire extensions to the power source / controller.

4) Attach your controller to your battery with a fuse on the power line to protect your controller / lights.

5) You should now be able to light up the night!

See the Kuryakyn Lizard Light instructions as a reference here

Good, Better, Best of Motorcycle Accent Lighting

Good: Street FX Electropods LightPodStrip Kit

Street FX Electropods Lightpod/Strip Kit

This kit features 6 oval shaped chrome or black pods and 2 ultra-bright low profile LED strips. We chose this as a “good kit” since the lights are hard backed and can be challenging to fit in the perfect places. Another “good” property is the fact that these kits are available in single colors.

Better: Radiantz Standard (4) or Super (8) Chameleonz Kit with Remote


Better Choices:

Radiantz Standard Chameleonz Starter Kit With Chameleonz Controlz Remote Radiantz Standard Chameleonz Super Kit With Total Controlz Remote

This Radiantz Standard kit is all inclusive, allowing you to mount 4 super bright flexible LED strips which have the potential to be 7 different colors wherever you like. The Super Kit is the Standard Kit with double the LED strips! Each LED strip has 72 inches of wire attached to one end which plug into a box which then connects to the battery of your motorcycle and will plug into the master switch. These lights can show individual colors or they can morph from one to the next.

You can watch the installation video here:

Best: Kuryakyn Lizard Light Maximums Kit with 8 Seven Color Lights

 Kuryakyn Seven Color Super Lizard Maximus Kit

Kuryakyn Seven color Super Lizard Maximus Kit

Also available in an economical 4 light starter kit:

Kuryakyn Seven Color Super Lizard Light Starter Kit

This kit is bar-none the easiest to install and most comprehensive LED accent lighting kit on the market. It allows you to run a single solid color of light, flashing (variable speed) color of light, or they can morph from one color to the next. This kit comes complete with 9, 12, and 18 inch extension wires, male, female, and Y connectors which makes this totally plug-and-play with ZERO cutting and splicing.

Additionally, this kit can be added to easily with use of the Lizard Light Extension Kit KY-5023 as well as numerous other Kuryakyn LED lighting products.

See the Installation Here:



There are literally hundreds of LED accent lighting options available on the market today. Some require cutting, splicing, soldering, and are really challenging to install and to use. On the flip side, as discussed here, there are many user friendly kits starting at $69 which will allow your bike to effectively light up the night.

We hope this buying guide has been helpful and informative. If you have any comments, feedback, or suggestions on how we can make this process more effective, informative, or even entertaining for you, please call customer care or email with your thoughts and / or suggestions.

Thanks for reading.,
Until next time, take care and ride safe!

Kyle & the Cruiser Customizing Team

By Kyle Bradshaw