Mustang Seats Tour Pack & Hard Covered Trunk Installation

By Kyle Bradshaw (ManyBikes)

Kelly and Kyle of Cruiser Customizing show the installation of the new Mustang Seats Tour Pack or Hard Covered Hard Trunk with Passenger Backrest. This trunk is available plain and studded. Check them out below:

Plain Trunk

Studded Trunk

This trunk can be mounted by itself with model specific mounting brackets and bolt kit.

Mustang Trunk Mounting Brackets

Mustang Trunk Bolt Kit

A perfect pair to this trunk are the Mustang Hard Covered Saddlebags and Easy Brackets.

Mustang Hard Saddlebags Plain

Mustang Hard Saddlebags Studded

Easy Brackets

If you have any questions call 1-888-857-5417 to speak with a saddlebag professional.

Until next time, take care and ride safe! 

Kyle, Kelly & the Cruiser Customizing Team

By Kyle Bradshaw