Why Buy Aftermarket Motorcycle Handlebar Grips?

Most motorcyclists dread that horrible feeling when you hand becomes numb, falls asleep and sharp sensation of pain sets in feeling as if as hundreds of invisible needles are being simultaneously pushed into their hand(s). Motorcycle riding with numb, sleeping, or cold hands is NOT necessary and can be alleviated with a good set of aftermarket motorcycle grips.

There are literally thousands of aftermarket grip options out here for every make / model of motorcycle known to man! Comfort grips, ISO grips, Heated grips, Chrome grips, Rubber grips, Leather grips… As I have suggested, thousands of styles and options!

If that’s the case, why are so many people out here still riding around with their uncomfortable and unsightly stock or OEM grips? I can only imagine, but would suggest three main reasons:

1. They have chalked hand pain up to “a part of motorcycling” and just deal with it
2. They are unaware of the options / solutions available
3. They are fearful of or perceive the installation process to be difficult

Well shoot, nobody should ever settle for “riding in pain” and really, installation is a cinch! The most difficult part of a grip purchase / installation is the actual choosing of the perfect grip due to the endless options of grips available!

Let’s begin by elevating the installation fears. Check out these videos which show or cover the basic installation of most grip combinations:

What are some the key factors to think about before choosing “the perfect” motorcycle grip? Below you will see the most common things to think about based upon grip style or choice:

Kuryakyn Iso Grips - Black Chrome GripsCruise Control

Universal “slip on” type grip option you will need to know if you have ?” or 1” handlebars. If you bars are larger than 1”, no worries! All fat bars narrow down to 1” at the controls so all of your OEM or aftermarket accessories will transfer right over.   

Grips with integrated throttle sleeves will be Year / Make / Model specific due to the variance in throttle cable attachment. Be sure to verify fitment!  

Chrome Grips might look great, but just remember to park in the shade in the summer! Hot chrome grips can get HOT in the sun and can cause serious burns!

Rubber Grips are sensitive to some cleaning agents so be careful when cleaning your bike to choose chemicals which will not affect the integrity of the rubber on the grip.

Heated Grips can be purchase as a plug and play grip option with the elements already installed or the Heat Demons heat elements and controllers can be added to almost any OEM or aftermarket grip.

ISO Grips are a patented grip from Kuryakyn and ISO stands for “Isolation Dampening” and is a trademark for “the most comfortable grip.”

Cruise Control: Do the grips you are looking at come with an available wrist rest, throttle boss, or crampbuster? Will your existing cruise control work with and be compatible with the new grips?

Can you afford new grips? In days of old, grips could be pricy in the cruiser / v-Twin markets but today price is not an issue! Grip prices range from $10.00 for the inexpensive and functional grips all the way up to hundreds of dollars for grips made of Billet Aluminum, brass, and other expensive materials.

Do you want a no-brainer? The Kuryakyn ISO grip is by far the world’s most popular motorcycle grip for Cruiser and v-Twin applications! Why? They fit just about any motorcycle, are comfortable, and have endless accessories with which users can make them their own. Check out the ISO Grip Accessory Video to learn more!!

Kuryakyn Kinetic GripsFor you Harley Riders out there Kuryakyn has just introduced the new Kinetic grip line. These stylish grips offer all of the comfort of the traditional Iso Grip, with a lot more style. It is also a much thinner grip.

Motorcycle grips are quite possibly the least expensive and simplest way to make your motorcycle ride more comfortable! Thousands of options are available for most bikes from quality brands such as Kuryakyn, Barons, Arlen Ness, Roland Sands, Biker's Choice, Big Bike Parts, BikeMaster and many more!

Thanks for reading this Cruiser Customizing Motorcycle Grip Buying Guide. We would love to hear your comments, your feedback and we are always open to suggestions!

Until next time, take care and ride safe!

Kyle and the CC Team

By Kyle Bradshaw