Orange Electronics Internal Tire Pressure Monitoring System For Tubeless Motorcycle Tires

Orange Electronics Internal Tire Pressure Monitoring System For Tubeless Motorcycle Tires

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Part Number: ORANGE-M202
MSRP: 179.99
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Orange’s aftermarket performance line – TPChecker – introduces internal TPMS for tubeless motorcycles! TPChecker’s motorcycle tire pressure monitoring system monitors tire pressure and temperature every 3 seconds upon ignition. Notifying riders of any abnormal shifts in tire pressure or temperature levels on the spot, Orange TPMS keeps the biker informed, allows them to react instantly and eases pre-ride pressure checks.

While motorcycle TPMS is not mandated (like passenger vehicles) for North American motorcycles, Orange Electronic provides the high quality, low cost alternative for those safety-conscious riders. The pressure and temperature information on the display unit will turn red and alert the rider if tire pressure or temperature shifts below the adjustable warning level in an individual tire (pictured below), helping to prevent blowouts and slow tire leaks while optimizing performance.

Maintain constant awareness of your tire pressure and temperature on long rides or cold mornings with our easy to read, 2.38? x 1.63? x 0.75? LED display. Easily install the display around the dashboard or on the handlebars.

Motorcycle tires with correct air pressure make full contact with the road and optimize motorcycle handling and fuel efficiency. With only two wheels underneath you, these properly inflated tires increase rider safety as they improve stopping distance, cornering radius and overall vehicle handling. Not only will they keep you safer, properly inflated tires will have a 15% longer life.

Over 50% of motorcycle tires on the road are underinflated at any given time in the United States. Underinflated tires reduce tread life, fuel efficiency and motorcycle performance. These tires do not maintain their shape and ‘cup’ when in contact with the road -­- causing the tire to essentially pinch itself. Increasing rolling distance, internal heat and rolling resistance, issues pertaining to underinflation are magnified on a motorcycle tire with only two supporting the rider.

While not as damaging as an underinflated tire, loading too much pressure inside of a tire will still have adverse effects to riding conditions and the life of the tire. Overinflated tires will make less contact with the road and cause uneven wear patterns on the center of the tire tread. An overinflated tire is increasingly stiff and inflexible and will not absorb road irregularities as comfortably as a properly inflated tire. In certain instances such as moto racing, an overinflated tire is advantageous as it allows faster steering response and cornering stability.
  • Tire pressure and temperature relayded to LCD display every 3 seconds
  • Monitors pressure from 0-74 psi and temperatures from 40 degrees F to 257 degrees F
  • Adjustable temperature and pressure warning level for individual tire
  • Screen flashes RED if pressure or temperature level exceeds warning levels
  • Machined military grade C Aluminum valve stem
  • Improve braking distance, cornering radius, tire life, and fuel economy
  • Prevent against slow tire leaks and blow-outs with constant awareness
  • Display dimensions 2.5" X 1.75" X 0.875" (attached with velcro)
  • For installation on non-tubed motorcycles with TR412/ .453"/ 11.5mm valve rim size

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Important Fitment Details:
For installation on non-tubed motorcycles with TR412/ .453"/ 11.5mm valve rim size

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