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NGK Iridium Spark Plug (sold each) - DPR9EIX-9

NGK Iridium Spark Plug (sold each) - DPR9EIX-9

Reviewed by: Anthony (ocanada
Reviewed for: 2008 1300 VTX1300C
Used for: 1-6 months

Overall Rating: 3
Ease of install: 5
Value: 3
Would buy again: no

Review Summary:
Bike runs sluggish, I'm attributing this to the difference in hot/cold rating required for the vtx. oem suggest a 6 or 7 this is a 9,they are the only plugs listed for a vtx on the cc site...UPDATE..CC now lists the DCPR6EIX which is the plug I was originally looking for, the nines will not work in a vtx although they will fit. They run too cold and the plug does not reach a temp high enough to clean itself, and will carbon up almost immediately,,hope this helps..great plug for an air cooled engine..

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