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Progressive Suspension 412 Series Shocks - Intruder 800/Boulevard S50 (92 to current)

Progressive Suspension 412 Series Shocks - Intruder 800/Boulevard S50 (92 to current)

Reviewed by: Dave Keller (RandomAccesss
Reviewed for: 800 Intruder
Used for: < 1 month

Overall Rating: 5
Ease of install: 4
Value: 5
Would buy again: yes
Improving the ride: 5

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CruiserCustominzing processed this order really fast, Shipped it and provided tracking numbers for me. Great place to shop. The 11.0 inch 412 shocks are on a '95 VS800 Intruder. I Originally ordered them for my '95 1400 Intruder. And found they would also work on the 95 800 Intruder- Cool. INSTALLATION Set the Original Suzuki shocks to their lowest setting first. Before you jack up the bike, loosen all four nuts on the original shocks. Next Bind down the Front Brake lever to compress the calipers to keep the front wheel from turning. I used a 1" X 4 " X 24" board placed on an automotive sissor jack under the Battery Box. (have extra blocks available to stack under the Kickstand as well as the 1X4 as you raise the bike) With the 24" board extending out the left and right side, have a friend hold the bike true vertical. Raise the bike up an inch or so and place 1 inch blocks under the 24" board. The bike is always resting on 5 points, The front Tire, the Kick Stand and the Blocks you are placing under the 24" Board and the Jack. Continue this Vertical elevation until your rear wheel clears the ground by 1/2". You'll find this method keeps the bike Rock Solid. Once the Rear Tire clears the ground remove the stock shocks. Keep all those Nuts and Washers handy you'll need them. With both shocks removed, Begin lowering the bike back down to the the ground, removing the blocks from each side and from under the kick stand, maintaining that solid vertical stance. The Shocks are going to be so low that you'll need have to have your assistant SIT ON the Bike to lower it enough to install the new 412's Cool. Find the proper sized spacers included in the Progressive box and use them to fit the 412's in place. Use a small brush and 'Paint' the Cams inside the 412's with the supplied grease. You'll notice the Lower mounting lug is offset from Center, place the upper mount on and determine which way the Offset lug needs to be facing to align the shock vertically. Slide the Shocks on and torque the nuts to spec! Thats it. Summary: The Original Intruder Shock is a LOT nicer looking where they mount to the Upper Arms. That nice Chrome Casting on the original is now GONE! and you have this goofy lookin' little black lug in it's place. So the 412's just don't look as nice as the original Suzuki Shocks. Saddle bags cover up that problem. Running the stock Suzuki tire and saddle bag support brackets the clearances (at it's lowest setting) gives 1" on either side, and about 3 1/2 inches above the tire. The Progressives DROP the rear end down. And it looks lowered. Then the bike starts Screaming "RIDE ME!!. " I needed to readjust the Handlebars a tad back since you are sitting a bit further back in the seat. VERY COZY. About the new Ride: What Suzuki put on was SPRINGS. That's the best way to explain it. What you are putting on with the Progressive 412's are SHOCK ABSORBERS!! And That is a Huge Difference! That Bang Bang BANG sensation that you get with the Stock Springs when you hit pot holes, gets changed to "Absorb Absorb." Get it? The Intruder comes stock with Springs NOT SHOCK ABSORBERS!! Keep your supplied adjuster wrench in your tool bags in case you pick up a passenger. 120 lbs to 150 Lbs riders can keep it on it lowest setting. Now I am gonna order some Progressive 412 11.5's for my '95 1400 Intruder I'm outta here Stay in the Wind Dave

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