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Jardine Billet Cruiser Rack - Universal Jardine Sissybar Application

Jardine Billet Cruiser Rack - Universal Jardine Sissybar Application

Reviewed by: Beth (Betharoonieandcheese
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I installed this rack on the Showroom 750 Aero along with the tall backrest (PN 32-0001-01) from Uwe's other bike. It didn't come with directions, but it's easy enough to figure out. I installed the brackets first and kept them loose. Don't have them so loose they're leaning off the bike, but just give yourself a little wiggle room. The tricky part was having enough hands to install the backrest and the rack at the same time. If you have a hand holding up the backrest, and a hand holding up the rack, what hand is going to put bolts through the brackets into the backrest? I borrowed Kenny's hands to hold everything up while I lined up the bolts. After that I tightened the brackets. Finnally I tightened the bolts that were running through the brackets, the rack, and the backrest. Done.

I think if you only purchase the Cruiser Rack you'll probably have to go to the hardware store to get some nuts to tighten everything together. The mounting bracket package I opened didn't come with any nuts, probably because the bolts enclosed actually tighten into the backrest. No Backrest = Need Nuts

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