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Baron Custom Accessories Front Lowering Kit - Yamaha Road Star

Baron Custom Accessories Front Lowering Kit - Yamaha Road Star

Reviewed by: furbeastie (edleos
Reviewed for: 2003, Deep Mocha, Lowered 1600/1700 Road Star
Used for: 1-6 months

Overall Rating: 4
Ease of install: 3
Value: 4
Would buy again: yes
Improving the ride: 4

Review Summary:
I used the Baron's rear kit also and did them both at the same time. I don't bottom out and the ride is fine. On a recommendation I refilled the fork legs with 10wt fork fluid instead of the stock 5wt. The ride is a little stiff with the 10wt. I'll probably change the fork fluid to 7wt, but I'll wait to do more riding in hotter weather just to make sure. The kit was easy to install but the operation can be somewhat messy if you are not careful as you are dealing with fork fluid. I did not remove the fork legs to install the kit. Removing the damping rods from the legs was easy with use of a straightened coat hanger with a hooked end (after the damping rod retaining/drain plug bolts are removed of course. The short lowering spacers come precut but the long top spacers need to be cut to the recommended length. I used a pipe cutter from Home Depot to make a perfect cut. This is your Roadstar don't get cheap and use a hacksaw. I find that the ride is plenty stiff with the spacers cut to the length recommended for "stock" preload, but, since they come long you can cut them to add more preload as desired. The spacer material was some kind of oil-resistant plastic or PVC pipe. The wall thickness seemed to be schedule 80. I called Baron's and confirmed that this was indeed the intended spacer material since it did not match the aluminum pictured above. I was assured that the kit was correct. Don't forget to use new copper crush washers under the retaining bolts as they keep the fluid in.

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