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Progressive Suspension Progressive Rate Fork Springs

Progressive Suspension Progressive Rate Fork Springs

Reviewed by: zen (zenbeer
Reviewed for: 2002 1100 Shadow Aero
Used for: < 1 month

Overall Rating: 4
Ease of install: 3
Value: 4
Would buy again: yes
Improving the ride: 4

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Get a 24mm socket, makes the job go faster since you;ll have a bear of a time torquing the nut back down with just a wrench. This was a pain to install if you are changing the fork oil. Even if you siphon out the oil and think you got it all you haven't. There is oil in the lower forks you cannot access unless you use a real thin piece of tubing (think thin brake line to get inside the lower fork area). Honda shows that there's a drain under the fork but you need to remove the front tire and axle rod to get to a 6mm hex nut that is inside the area the axle rides, and it's torqued on so tight you'll never get it loose yourself. I wound up draining out what i could with a 10 ft. length of 3/8" tube, measuring the waste oil in an empty oil container. I wound up using 1/2 the fork oil I thought I would which diluted the old oil in the lower fork - good enough. They say you need to cut 2 new 5.75 inch PVC spacers but only provide you with a 10 inch piece of PVC pipe, piss poor planing by Progessive on this one for an AERO specific kit - a trip to home depot for a 10 ft. length of PVC solved that. Do not reuse your old metal spacers they are almost 3 inches too long, your new spacers should stick about 1/2 to 1 inch out the top when it's all together. Oh, if you skip the changing the fork oil step this is a 20 minute job. Once it was together it feels like a new bike, more nimble and better handling.

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