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Mapam-Restyling High Sissy Bar AND Cushion - V-Star 1100

Mapam-Restyling High Sissy Bar AND Cushion - V-Star 1100

Reviewed by: Edwin (erayeverett
Reviewed for: 2007, black cherry 1100 V-Star Custom
Used for: < 1 month

Overall Rating: 3
Ease of install: 1
Value: 4
Would buy again: yes

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Ok, read this BEFORE you buy and install. This thing won't come with instructions, so you're likely to scratch up the chrome trying to figure it out. Read here before assembling to avoid bruising your knuckles on your roller chair in frustration! Here's what you do to install this sissy bar assembly to the Vstar 1100 Custom. (If this is helpful to you, please send 10.00 to so that I can buy a new one to place the one I got all scratched up trying to figure out the installation . . . seriously). Anyway, here's what you do. Put the whole assembly together BEFORE putting it on the bike. Attach the backrest to the brackets. If you bought the optional rack, which you should have because it looks really cool, attach that next. Now, remove the crescent-shaped pieces of chrome from the sides of your fender--you won't be able to have these and this sissy bar together. Put them safely in a drawer, wrapped in loving towels. Now, do you see those really thick-looking washers? Those are actually spacers. You'll use two spacers on each side, between the bracket and the fender on the REAR bolt ONLY. You will NOT use spacers with the front bolts. Remember, two spacers on one bolt between the rear part of the bracket and the fender on EACH SIDE, with the little washer and bolt head protruding from the outside of the bracket. No spacers will be on the front bolts--just fender-bracket-washer-bolt head. That's it. If you have any questions feel free to email me at I really like how it looks (aside from the scratches) so it isn't a bad product--especially for the price. You'd just think the italianos would have included a 1 cent piece of paper with a basic drawing to help out with the assembly...and to avoid returns to the dealer. God and Peace.

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