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Baron Custom Accessories Family Jewels, Mini Scallops - Each

Baron Custom Accessories Family Jewels, Mini Scallops - Each

Reviewed by: Frank (revfhm
Reviewed for: 2005 Black and Chrome 1300 VTX1300R (S) Retro
Used for: < 1 month

Overall Rating: 2
Ease of install: 3
Value: 3
Would buy again: yes
Happy with sound: 3

Review Summary:
These really are "jewels", and add a flair to the exhaust pipes, and the chrome looks first rate but, after three months the chrome on one of the tips bubbled and started to peel. Also, I was a little put out to find that one of the tips had four slots 90' apart (easy to adjust for centering), and the other had four tapped holes 90' apart (no adjustment and no room for error). I guess thats one way to get rid of your old stock. All and all, well worth the extra effort. Also, these increase the back pressure in the exhaust enough that you may need to fine tune the mixture or adjust your needle valve if you were running on the edge one way or the other. Since only one tip had bad chrome, I assume that this was just a rare mistake and not the normal quality of their product.

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