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Slime Mini Smart SpAIR Compressor Kit with Slime Sealant

Slime Mini Smart SpAIR Compressor Kit with Slime Sealant

Reviewed by: BIG UWE (uwe999
Reviewed for: Other Make/Model
Used for: 6-12 months

Overall Rating: 5
Ease of install: 4
Value: 5
Would buy again: yes

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I won't go on a ride without a tire repair kit anymore. I never had a flat tire before until I picked up a nail on my Goldwing. I used the Progressive Suspension tire repair kit to plug the hole and to inflate the tire but the 2 CO2 cartridges weren't enough to fully inflate the back tire. The Slime compressor kit came to the rescue. It's comes in a pretty small case it fit in any saddlebag. Just hook it up to the battery or cigarette lighter adapter and you are good to go. I use it all the time to put some air in my tires before I take off. Let's face it. Nobody likes to pull up at the gas station, get on their knees and then mess with the attendent to give you a token to get free air. Most of the time those compressors at the gas stations are broken anyway. And if you ride a few miles to the gas station your tire warms up and the pressure reading is incorrect. With the smart tire kit you can do it all in your garage before you take off for a ride.

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