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First Gear 'Warm and Safe' Heated 90 watt Liner Jacket - Men's Sizes

First Gear 'Warm and Safe' Heated 90 watt Liner Jacket - Men's Sizes

Reviewed by: Kyle Bradshaw
Reviewed for: 1300 VTX1300R (S) Retro
Used for: 1-6 months

Overall Rating: 5
Value: 5
Would buy again: yes
Comfort: 5

Review Summary:
Absolutely Unbelievable! I am a year round rider and actually like the feeling of a brisk morning ride... or a heavy rain from time to time. That is of course, if I am in the correct gear! For years I have heard of companies offering heated gear, and I had scoffed at the thought. That is until I had the opportunity to test one of these First Gear Warm and Safe heated liner jackets.

My goodness!! No joke, 30 degrees outside the weekend of Street Vibrations 2007 and I was TOASTY! How to describe the magnitude of the warmth... wrapped up in an electric blanket would be about the best description I can offer up. And in one word = Amazing! As stated earlier, I ride most every day of the year... but this year will be the best year yet!

The Jacket liner is well made and the cords are all contained and the connecting ends are very accessible and easy to use. The Power In cord is located in the right side hand warmer pocket and the glove connectors are found in zippered compartments at the end of each sleeve. When not in use, the cords conveniently hide away in the respective compartments.

I am using the single portable heat troller Part Number: FIRST-51-2817. This is the least expensive... but very functional unit. Installation is as simple as connecting the troller to the Positive and negative terminals of the battery. FYI -- Twice now I have left the heat troller on ALL NIGHT LONG... and to my surprise... my bike started the next morning. It seems if the jacket is not connected and drawing power, the troller will not drain the battery. That is good news!

Warm and Safe is the way to ride!

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