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HJC CL-Max Full Face Modular Helmet - Solids

HJC CL-Max Full Face Modular Helmet - Solids

Reviewed by: Rich (Richietp
Reviewed for: 1100 V-Star Classic
Used for: 1-6 months

Overall Rating: 3
Value: 4
Would buy again: yes
Comfort: 3

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Good value for the money. Very noisy at expressway speeds to the point where I wear ear plugs for high speed riding. Lining is annoying and sometimes shifts and rubs on your ear, causing discomfort. Black color chips easily. Not exactly watertight in a driving rain but does not leak too much either. Crack the visor open at stop lights to get rid of fogging in cold weather. Pretty comfortable in cold weather. A blessing in the heat when you can flip up the chin bar at stop lights and in stop and go traffic. Have seen it as cheap as $163.00 on the Internet. I paid too much and prices vary wildly for this helmet.

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