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Progressive Suspension 412 Series Shocks - Intruder 1400/Boulevard S83

Progressive Suspension 412 Series Shocks - Intruder 1400/Boulevard S83

Reviewed by: Eirik (Eirik
Reviewed for: 1987 1400 Intruder
Used for: < 1 month

Overall Rating: 4
Ease of install: 5
Value: 5
Would buy again: yes
Improving the ride: 4

Review Summary:
UPDATED: My shocks are the 13" Heavy Duty version. After more time with these, I have upped my rating for the product. Judged as budget shock absorbers, they are excellent, although they cannot compare with multiasjustable high-end products, naturally. But they are definitely a huge improvement over the worn, stock items they replaced. The 412s are quite supple while riding two-up and with acceptable damping damping control. For the price, they offer an excellent ride. I'm 100 kg / 220 lb with my gear on and I have found that I get the best ride with the preload set on #4 out of the 5 notches. Two-up, they are too soft IMO, especially if the passenger is more than 200 lb. Finish seems fine, but I'll see how they hold up over the years before I can say for certain. Fit was perfect, shocks being exactly the same length as the stock units - since the bike already has very limited cornering clearance and too much rake and trail, it would be ridiculous to lower the rear end further by fitting shorter shock absorbers in my opinion. Luckily, I had two chrome acorn nuts to use on the top mounts - unlike the stock units, these are no longer hidden and the bike and shocks deserve better than using the plain nuts used on the stock upper mounts. Ideally, a pair of acorn nuts should have been included with the shock absorbers.

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