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Cobra Speedster Longs - Roadliner

Cobra Speedster Longs - Roadliner

Reviewed by: Red Baron (TheRedBaron
Reviewed for: 2007 1900 Roadliner
Used for: < 1 month

Overall Rating: 4
Ease of install: 3
Value: 3
Would buy again: no
Happy with sound: 4

Review Summary:
They've got a good sound, not too loud, not at all quiet - just a throaty, robust note that pleases the ear. The one significant drawback to these pipes is the fact that if you like to ride mountains, these are not the pipes for you. I'm dragging the whole length of the bottom pipe in curves before I ever even touch the running board down. Getting the Cobra Fi2000 is a good idea; keeps the backfires away.

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