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Pro-One Handlebar Tach and Riser Kit, White Face, Smooth Finish - Yamaha

Pro-One Handlebar Tach and Riser Kit, White Face, Smooth Finish - Yamaha

Reviewed by: Jack (timmo1
Reviewed for: 2007 1100 V-Star Classic
Used for: < 1 month

Overall Rating: 4
Ease of install: 3
Value: 4
Would buy again: yes

Review Summary:
kick ass! i had no idea my engine was revving so low, he-he. also, it's a drastic change in grip position-for the better. i'd love the new position if i could roll the bars back more but the front brake line is too short. i wanted new braided lines anyway. i DID spread open the cable guide to relieve some stress. installation is frustrating without help but doable. loosely install left riser first then you can wedge in the right-make sure you protect your finish and don't let the bars fall free during removal. it's tricky to get the new install centered but i've almost got it. had issues with electrical connections. like other, one of the male crimp-on connnectors was too wide and just would not plug in. i made the choice to grind it down with the Dremel tool and that worked very well. good thing too because i like those piggy-back connectors. no advice is given on where to connect the ground wire. in the end i looped it around the plastic "kneck-cover" bolt, coiled the whole loom around the key switch and put it all back together. this thing is well machined and works very well. a great choice.

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