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Milwaukee Motorcycle Clothing Mens Renegade Boots

Milwaukee Motorcycle Clothing Mens Renegade Boots

Reviewed by: James Hirtzel (home1a
Reviewed for: 600 Shadow VLX
Used for: > 1 year

Overall Rating: 5
Value: 4
Would buy again: yes
Comfort: 4

Review Summary:
I purchased these boots over two and a half years ago and have loved them from the first day. They were comfortable and durable as I am only now replacing them even though I wore them almost every day of the week riding my bike or not. With the little metal pieces on the boot, it makes them apporpiate for corporate meetings (at least no one ever said anything to me) or anything else you might want to go to. The only issue I have had is the side clasps. I have had them come off and had to reattach them sever times.

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