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Show Chrome Accessories (Big Bike Parts) Ultragard Medium Cruiser Cover

Show Chrome Accessories (Big Bike Parts) Ultragard Medium Cruiser Cover

Reviewed by: Saddlebag Glassco (maxglassco
Reviewed for: C90 Boulevard
Used for: 1-6 months

Overall Rating: 5
Ease of install: 5
Value: 5
Would buy again: yes

Review Summary:
Have the exact same Cruiser Cover only mine fits my C90 Boulevard by. Putting it on your own bike can be a little bit of a problem until you get the hang of it. It would be a good idea to watch Cruiser Customizing Ltd. short video on how best to handle the cover. Their tips or advice on this issue is right on the money. It took me all of 2 1/2 minutes to remove it from it's storage bag, unfold it and get it ready to heave over the bike much as you would if you were going fishing with a casting net. Heave everything to the front of the motorcycle and work your way back by choosing any side to make sure the cover is being pulled down enough to cover everything from the ground up. You will have to pull the cover over the tail lights, rear exhaust pipes, saddlebag, one side at a time,the passenger and rider floor boards, the Highway or Crash Bars and any foot pegs that may be on them. Next, cross over to the other side of the motorcycle and do the exact same starting from back to front(with the exception of the exhaust system pipes. Finally after reaching the front of the bike from both sides being done, just straighten out the monogram on the front of your cover and make sure that the windshield and mirrors are sitting where they are supposed to be. The mirrors should be just about at the two ventsw provided in the cover

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