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Baron Custom Accessories Kickback Risers - Various Cruiser Models

Baron Custom Accessories Kickback Risers - Various Cruiser Models

Reviewed by: Tom Brown (hundfutz
Reviewed for: 2009 Candy Diamond Red/Titanium 900 Vulcan Classic LT
Used for: 6-12 months

Overall Rating: 4
Ease of install: 3
Value: 4
Would buy again: yes

Review Summary:
Ordered from, listed as Kuryakyn Kickback Risers, package was Baron Kickback Risers - picture the same. Installed on 2009 Vulcan 900 LT. 10mm bolts had significant "shoulder" that would not fit down into triple tree plate. I had to grind and file most of the shoulder off to facilitate fitment. Nothing in the instructions warning of this situation. Spacers could be used between the risers and the triple tree, but looks would be compromised. I re-used the locking-style nuts that held the stock risers on instead of the washer and nylock nuts that came with the Baron risers. I had a helper and looking back I am very glad I did not try it alone; the extra pair of hands allowed a scratch-free experience. Kept all existing cables and wires, but the throttle cables are pretty snug when bars are fully turned; I'll probably look into re-routing them or shortening the handlebar a half inch or so. The product looks great and certainly does the job. Looking at them in the package it didn't seem it would make all that much difference. By my best measurement the results were a vertical rise of approx 1.75" and a horizontal pullback of 2" (measured where bar is in clamp). I am 5' 9" with an inseam of 30" and weigh 170#. I can now sit straight with my behind in the saddle where it is supposed to be and have a slight bend at the elbow - before arms were straight and I had to scoot foreward a tad in the seat at times. I do not think any additional rise or pullback is needed. I would recommend these risers to all in my size range. Tom-Gladstone MO

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