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Dynatek Dyna 3000 - 99-07 Road Star 1600/1700

Dynatek Dyna 3000 - 99-07 Road Star 1600/1700

Reviewed by: Mike Ball (mikethebear
Reviewed for: 2001 1600/1700 Road Star
Used for: > 1 year

Overall Rating: 3
Ease of install: 3
Value: 3
Would buy again: no

Review Summary:
The best part is that it raises the rev limit from 4400 to 5000 rpm, which the stock bike can handle, and puts you in the meat of the power band on the next upshift. The down side is that there's a wee bit too much advance for a stock Road Star. On a hot day the bike is reluctant to restart after it's been ridden a bit. This is a must, though, if you put in hotter cams. No substantial gain for a stocker, though. I removed it and went back to the stock module.

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