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Dynojet Research Jet Kit - VTX 1300 (03 to 09)

Dynojet Research Jet Kit - VTX 1300 (03 to 09)

Reviewed by: Glen Mallory (gmallory
Reviewed for: 2007 1300 VTX1300C
Used for: < 1 month

Overall Rating: 4
Ease of install: 3
Value: 4
Would buy again: yes

Review Summary:
Fairly easy to install. Easier with 4 hands instead of 2 - ask for help from a friend to remove carb, hoses, tank, etc. Be careful about the small parts. Keep the old parts that you removed separate from the new parts you are installing. The "D" screw adjustment tool is kind of flimsy and got deformed as I was adjusting the "D" screw for the air/fuel mixture. The factory recommendations of 2-1/2 turns for the air/fuel mixture screw yielded a lean mixture. The bike almost dies when taking off in 1st gear. This is to be accepted as normal though since they cannot account for every combination of exhaust/air box/filter/jet combo. You may have to tweak your air/fuel ratio several times to get it running just right. I recommend purchasing the air/fuel adjusting tool from glensvtxgarage. This device lets you put your carb, seat and gas tank back together after you install the jets, then you can adjust the mixture over and over until the balance is just right without having to dissasemble your carb, seat and fuel tank again.

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