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Tourmaster Nylon Cruiser III Sissybar Bag (Medium)

Tourmaster Nylon Cruiser III Sissybar Bag (Medium)

Reviewed by: Kevin Wright (KevinW1
Reviewed for: C50 Boulevard
Used for: > 1 year

Overall Rating: 4
Ease of install: 5
Value: 4
Would buy again: yes
Durability: 4

Review Summary:
This is a match to my Tourmaster Saddlebags that I have and the bag is roomy enough to place my helmet and gloves inside it with room to spare for when I am just riding around on day trips yet large enough to carry a LOT of items inside while traveling. Well I have now had this item for almost 1-1/2 yrs and both zippers on top the handles have broken, living in Iowa the bike is stored for at least 3 months and the bag is not uses so the actual use time of the bag is only just under 12 months. I am a little surprised that they broke as the zipper itself is such a heavy duty zipper but the little handles you hold to open and close it is a little light weight for it.

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