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Cortech Mod Denim Jacket - Distressed Blue - Men's Sizes

Cortech Mod Denim Jacket - Distressed Blue - Men's Sizes

Reviewed by: Fred Holliss (valiant66
Reviewed for: 2006 Midnight 1900 Stratoliner
Used for: 1-6 months

Overall Rating: 4
Value: 5
Would buy again: yes
Comfort: 4

Review Summary:
Comfortable, fits well, looks good in social situations without screaming "Biker!" Plenty of vents for hot days, and the quilted lining works well for cool ones. Not at all waterproof and doesn't pretend to be, so factor in the price of rain gear if you ride in the rain. Plenty of pockets for packrats (you know who you are). Only two things bug me: the velcro tab across the throat needs some way to hold it back when the jacket is unzipped, or it's forever catching; and the arms needs tightening tabs to keep the elbow armour in place when the lining is removed, otherwise the armour floats around a bit.

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