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Rivco Magnum Electric Horn Set- Various Motorcycles W/ 12V Charging System

Rivco Magnum Electric Horn Set- Various Motorcycles W/ 12V Charging System

Reviewed by: Chad Hensiak (BikerChad
Reviewed for: Dyna Glide
Used for: > 1 year

Overall Rating: 4
Ease of install: 3
Value: 4
Would buy again: yes

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I get asked about the wiring of these horns very often, I thought I would explain the wiring. First RIVCO makes wiring kits that come complete with instructions to make the installation very easy. The kits are bike specific, if you cannot get a bike specific kit for your bike then you should purchase the multi application kit Rivco part# EH500. Once you have the kit here is how they are wired. The RIVCO horns mount with the four mild steal brackets that are in the horn box, double them up and use two for each horn, this is important because the horns need to be free to vibrate to avoid damage from engine and bike vibration. The relay in the wiring kits has 5 posts, the middle one does not get used. Now unplug the stock horn and discard it, then plug the stock horn wires to the parallel posts on the relay (it does not matter what side gets the positive or negative wires) now tie the relay with black zip strips to any available spot near the old stock horn location exposure to weather will not hurt it so long as the wires are aiming down towards the ground. Now open the supplied 30 amp fuse holder and remove the 30 amp fuse) then hook up the fuse holder to the positive battery post (removal of the fuse to prevent any shorts while installing the horn wiring VERY IMPORTANT!!) Now connect the open end of the fuse holder to a legnth of supplied 14 gauge wire and then plug it into one of the non-parallel relay post (it does not matter which one -so long as it is one of the non-parallel terminals.) The other unused non-parallel post gets connected to one of the new electric horns, then jump to the other horn's positive post connecting both horn's positive posts together. Connect the two negative terminals on the new horns and then ground them to a frame bolt (be sure to remove any paint under frame bolt ensuring a good electrical connection) or ground them to the negative post on the battery. Now install the 30 amp fuse into the holder, honk the horn, try not to piss your pants cause they are loud!!

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