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Mustang Seats Sunsetter Bag, Studded

Mustang Seats Sunsetter Bag, Studded

Reviewed by: (Trackman
Reviewed for: 1800 VTX1800F
Used for: 1-6 months

Overall Rating: 1
Ease of install: 1
Value: 1
Would buy again: no
Durability: 1

Review Summary:
This a great bag but the attachments are extremely poor. It does not have the big felcro that goes around the sissy pad like others have.Instead it has a bunch of narrow straps. The more you tighten the straps to keep it in one place the more the bag deforms and the straps become looose again. I would not buy this bag if I'd known what it was going to turn out like. With all the straps you need to attach to hold it still it is a real pain to take off and put back on when cleaning bike.

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