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Show Chrome Accessories (Big Bike Parts) Highway Bars, V-Star 1100 Classic

Show Chrome Accessories (Big Bike Parts) Highway Bars, V-Star 1100 Classic

Reviewed by: Drew (USDSUQ
Reviewed for: 0 1100 V-Star Silverado
Used for: < 1 month

Overall Rating: 5
Ease of install: 5
Value: 5
Would buy again: yes

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I've been looking for the right highway bar for the last year. I've read the previous reviews and u guys rated this one pretty great. Cobra highway bars were eliminated cuz they look like they would scrap the ground in a hard lean turn. Barons Big Bar were elimated due to it's incapatability with oil relocation kits(some indicated longer hoses made it possible). Yamaha star bars too flimsy. MC Enterprise bars didn't seem to go far enough out from the bike. So I went with these show chromes, and heres my review. These bars are beefy bars and look damn strong. I particulary liked the 45 degree rise from floor board so no road scraps from hard lean turns. It also goes forward about 30 degree from floor boards providing plenty of clearance for your feet to dance around brake and gear shift. Used locktite as directed for mounting; Install easy. No conflict with relocation kit. It does however conflict with (optional)lower deflectors. When handle-bars far to right or left the deflectors hit bar. I had to bend the deflectors forward and they now almost clear in a full turn (clank). As the bar bends to it's straight vertical rise there isn't a great deal of area to place pegs. I really have to stretch the leg (32 pant length)to get heal on peg, and had to adjust my Pegs backward a bit to get a good perch for my feet. Obviously, the bar is a little too foward, good for floor board area not too bad for pegs. (Went with MC Enterprises Alligator Pegs cheaper than Kuryakan by $70) I liked that they provided new mounting bolts for attachment; and that they were chrome. Additionally, while stong bars, the welded mounting angles are not. Good if you drop your bike while not moving, any forward speed with your bike on it side will likely bend angles and bar will move back.(Achelize heal) Although I think the floorboards would stop it from bending much. All that said I still think I got the right one and am happy with the looks of it. Keep her upright and in the wind!!! Update02/07/11: Well first of all when you get on your bike you need to ask youself is my mind sharp or in a fog...I backed my bike out of the garage and it was surprising clear of obstactales... but still I didn't listen to myself who said aint to good... and I ditched my bike due to a uneven surface driveway...I droped bike...hit the thottle to try to recover...ooops! My bar bent back I hit the ground... stopped by the floorboard the bar held at a bent positon. Rode to my inlaws where wifey was...notice the bent bar and used my leg to push it back into worked...good as new! No damage to bike, yahoo! Wifey help me I fell on my knee! Oh you will need stitches. After 2 hours in emergency room I am hurting. OMG, my knee hurts!!! At least my bike's is OK!!!

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