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Kuryakyn Ellipse Mirrors With Flat Glass (Chrome) - (Pair)

Kuryakyn Ellipse Mirrors With Flat Glass (Chrome) - (Pair)

Reviewed by: Aldo Cosenza (alfeco
Reviewed for: 2009 650 V-Star Classic
Used for: > 1 year

Overall Rating: 2
Ease of install: 4
Value: 3
Would buy again: no

Review Summary:
They are very nice looking mirrors, the stems are particularlly cool, but they are not functional at all. Mirrors are supposed to be more than eye appeling; they serve a rather important function which these do not fulfill. The problem with this set is that: a) they are quite small, and therefore only reflect a fraction of what the factory mirrors did (and the flat glass only makes it worse); and, b) the vibration is HORRIBLE; at speeds of only 30 mph, you could only make shapeless blurs of different colors. After a year or so, I gave up and switched back to the stock mirrors, and I couldn't believe the difference. If you plan to actually ride your bike (not only display it in a showroom), then my advice would be forget this mirrors and stick with the stock ones.

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