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Metzeler ME 880 Marathon 180/70HR-16 (77H) Rear TL (Blackwall)

Metzeler ME 880 Marathon 180/70HR-16 (77H) Rear TL (Blackwall)

Reviewed by: Bill (BlueGryphon
Reviewed for: `05 Titanium 1800 VTX1800R (Retro)
Used for: > 1 year

Overall Rating: 5
Tire lasted: 10000-15000 miles
Value: 5
Would buy again: yes

Review Summary:
I have been using these tires on my bike for several years now.I love these tires on my bike. I love them because they hold my bike on the road like glue. I have never had one instance when I felt that the tires were not performing exceptionally. This is true whether I am on concrete or asphalt. This holds even when I'm traveling on roads that are poorly maintained. I have not any problem with ruts or grooves as I had with other tires. On the negative side, the overall mileage is not superior. You're looking at 8,500 to 11,000 miles per tire. From what I have read, that's about average to a little less than average. I attribute that to a bit softer compound than other tires. It is this compound that really holds the road and gives me the perfect performance that I am looking for. I'll live with a bit fewer miles for the grip and safety that these tires give me. I have read that some riders will tell you to inflate the tires to higher PSI in order to increase mileage. If you do this you will actually wear out the tires even more quickly. Maybe this approach will work if you are riding a "bar bike" and never ride on long trips. I feel very comfortable recommending these tires to anyone.

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