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Jerry Motorman Palladino Surviving The Mean Streets 2 - DVD

Jerry Motorman Palladino Surviving The Mean Streets 2 - DVD

Reviewed by: BIG UWE (uwe999
Reviewed for: 106 Victory Vision
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Overall Rating: 5
Value: 5
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excellent safety video - especially for new riders. But also has lots of tips and tricks for seasoned riders. He starts off with one of the most dangerous situations - the famous "left turn" where a cars in the opposing lane makes a left turn and doesn't see you. Jerry "Motorman" Palladino shows you how to correctly brake and swerve or swerve and brake. He'll also shows how to practice those maneuvers because you need to be able to do them in your sleep. He'll continues to explain the 12second rule and how "covering your brakes" will help you stop much quicker. Leaving an escape route when stopping in traffic demonstrated nicely. Jerry show you common dangerous situations at stop signs and traffic lights and how to be prepared for them. He explains safety gear to make you more visible, like modulated head and tail lights, reflective stickers and bright riding gear. He does a great job explaining the "friction zone" and how to use it to properly turn, make u-turns and parking maneuvers really easy. Even if you are 5'3" and operating a 850 lbs bike. That section was very impressive. He shows 2up riding techniques and continues on to highway riding, the best way to go through corners and how to brake in a corner. He also shows proper posture for slow speed and higher speed cornering. There are video segments on how not to corner and they are real eye-openers. He finishes the video with a section about riding in the rain and how to ride a big cruiser in gravel and sand. He also adds a few more of his "tip of the week" videos. All in all a highly recommended video - they should give a copy to every new rider before they get their license. Basic group riding skills are demonstrated and shown how they apply to

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