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Saddlemen Express Desperado Slant Bags - Jumbo

Saddlemen Express Desperado Slant Bags - Jumbo

Reviewed by: (Starfurry
Reviewed for: 2012, Candy Arabian Red 900 Vulcan Classic
Used for: < 1 month

Overall Rating: 5
Ease of install: 2
Value: 5
Would buy again: yes
Durability: 5

Review Summary:
Great bags, look really good on my Vulcan 900 Classic, see my profile for images. They are smaller then what you think they are, i was expecting them to seem bigger, and being slant bags that limit's what you can carry in it a bit. Although smaller then I thought, they really do look good, and I think the size looks great on my bike) They are a pain to install if your trying to do it as a throw over with saddlebag supports. I just could not get it to tie down securely, it moved around way too much. I HIGHLY recommend you get some kind of Easy bracket system to put them on. I did a cheapo version of it since I didn't want to do another order. I just got some 8mm stainless steel bolts and mudguard washers to clamp onto the bags and bolted it onto the bike though the fender bolts. This method requires the saddlebag supports which i had (Cobra ones) so i could still secure it to that, but the bolts make it very secure, it doesn't move at all), I even used one of the existing holes in these bags for one bolt, which made lining them up, and making them even very easy. Ill do up a video and blog post shortly showing how I installed mine (or just buy the damn easy bracket heh, then its nice and easy to take on and off)

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